• Hi, I am encountering a potential conflict between Cocart and WC Social Login. I post here because the issue seems to be related to Cocart_Session_handler’s behaviour.

    The social login feature requires retrieving data in $session["config"]["config"] to function. However, when Cocart is enabled the value is always not set and, because of that, the front end always show a “Provider Authentication Error”.

    I tried logging the output when at the position where the error is thrown.

    When Cocart is enabled:

    When Cocart is disabled:

    Other than $session["config"] is not set when Cocart is enabled, I noticed the _customer_id in the session handler also refresh every time I run the same social auth url, but it stay the same when Cocart is disabled.

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    Hi @kit21

    I have had a look at the code for WooCommerce Social Login and I don’t see where there maybe an issue with the session handler triggered wrongly.

    Perhaps you can share the steps you took with and without CoCart so I can do the same. Also what configurations you have for the social plugin.

    Thank you.

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    Thank you for your reply!

    I was testing it locally and on a stage server with all other plugins disabled and tested the social login buttons in incognito mode simply by comparing the behaviour when Cocart is off or on.

    The social login plugin(https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-social-login/) is configured to support Facebook and Google login but neither of them work and I guess all other social methods will also fail for the same issue.

    When Cocart is on, clicking any social login button redirects to same page and show “Provider Authentication Error” above the login panel.

    When Cocart is off, it will simply redirect me to the login panel of the respective provider(Google/ Facebook).

    The screenshots I shared was me trying to understand what’s the different in state before the plugin throw an error in Endpoint.php that prevent the plugin from working. What I found is that to avoid the error $session["config"]["config"] has to be assigned values, but that value is missing when Cocart is enabled.

    The site I originally tested was a old Themosis site. I thought it might be a conflicting with previous code, so I set up a new site using Root Sage with only WC, WC social login and Cocart, but the social login still fail with the same behaviour. I will try to setup a new WP site and try again.

    Thank you for your help 🙂

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