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  • I’ve read that post but it doesn’t change the fact that, according to Codex, the call to that filter from events manager is out of standard and that causes conflicts with other plugins, if I’m not wrong…

    Plugin Author Marcus


    no, this is correct (it’s an EM filter, so sholdn’t conflict).

    What this does is allow you to set specific content before EM goes further to add its own. If after that filter $content isn’t ” then it’ll use this content and stop further processing.

    what’s wrong with Widget Entries?

    @row 93 of events-manager/em-events.php
    add_filter('the_content', 'em_content');
    so the filter is applied to any WP content, not only to EM.

    Widget Entries uses “Improved Include Page”
    @row 163 of widget-entries/iinclude_page.php
    $content = apply_filters('the_content', $content);
    a “thecontent” filter is applied to the included custom widget so that eventual shortcodes used in it can be parsed.
    When Events Manager and Widget Entries are both enabled the body of included widgets is empty, or better, it contains just
    <div id="em-wrapper"></div>

    Improved Include Page calls uses WP apply_filter the standard way and can’t be blamed.

    I understand that if EM users based their filters on a weird call and you change that may broke their filters, but also that a number of plugins using the standard call may fail.

    To overcome the situation may be you can add an option in EM admin interface for “enhanced compatibility” ?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’m pretty sure the problem isn’t on our side. I’ll explain:

    the_content() codex –

    This tag must be within The_Loop.

    the loop codex –

    note the use of the_post() in the loop

    if you look at that function $post is set to the current post in the loop and is made global.

    What we do is check if global $post->ID = one of our assigned pages in the EM settings page and only then do we override the content, otherwise, we just return the content supplied in the filter.

    I’d say this other plugin is calling the_content outside the loop on one of our assigned pages, which inevitably we’ll correctly assume we should change the content.

    Correct me if I’m wrong! Am all for making the plugin as compatible as possible but sometimes/often it’s the other plugin at fault and may not be something we can fix on our side.

    I understand the point, but found a trick to make EM a little more robust, compatible with Widget Entries and maybe other plugins with a little change to EM code that shouldn’t give any other problem:

    change row 25 in events-manager/em-events.php from
    if( in_array($post->ID, array(....
    if( isset($post->ID) && in_array($post->ID, array(...

    What do you think?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    actually, we did something similar already to our local version. we did

    if( empty($post) ) return ….

    in various places of that file.

    This fixes some incompatibilities with a couple other mailing plugins, I think it should do the same for you here.

    thank you Marcus, I’ll check and let you know if that works for Widget Entries when you release the latest code.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I believe the latest dev version should also have this fix (, which you can update to automatically in Events > Settings > Admin Tools > Check Dev-Versions

    Sorry for the delay Marcus, had the opportunity to check just today, upgraded to version stable and found this problem is fixed, great stuff!

    Plugin Author Marcus


    np, thx for confirming!

    Im not sure but i believe i have found where this will affect functionality adversely.

    Using Multiple Content Blocks plugin and have one in the sidebar. This when empty should display nothing, but when on an EM page the empty sidebar contains the same content the EM page does.

    I have traced this to the fact that Multiple content blocks passes its content through the_content filters. When i leave that content block empty the filters add the same EM content to the sidebar that is output in the loop.

    If MCB didnt actually output multiple the_content style blocks id say the problem lies there, but in fact its done outside the loop and shouldnt really be affected.

    Is there a check you can add in the filters to check if your in the loop or not?

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