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    With a server that has some tight folder permissions and apapche setup, getting a conflict with tor blocker plugins and ip geo block.
    Warning: chmod(): Operation not permitted in /home/user/public_html/websiteDotcom/blog/wp-content/plugins/tor-exit-nodes-blocker/torblocker.php on line 699 Error: No permissions for writing to GeoIP direcotry.

    This server requires me to manually add the ftp password within wordpress each and every time a plugin or theme is added / updated – so it’s folder/file writing ability is a bit different than many other standard WP installs.

    Not sure if the folder perms / ownership in apache setup is causing the issue, but updating the tor blocker pluging and this ip geo block cause a weird issue where the site breaks – and there are error messages that print on screen as being related to Ip Geo Block, that remain on the output even if the ip geo block plugin is deleted.

    I was only able to undo the errors that displayed by renaming/removing the entire plugins folder… but I think this error is being created by the combo of tor blocker and ip geo block for some reason.

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  • Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    Hi djsteveb,

    I don’t think your issue was caused by the combo of Tor Blocker and this plugin. I checked the code of Tor Blocker according to a error message you posted and found the problem in it. That’s not related to my plugin.

    But regarding the permissions, I think the same issue potentially will happen to this plugin. So I’d like to ask you to check followings:

    1. Please deactivate “Tor Blocker” and activate this plugin to separate the issue.
    2. Please go to the option page of IP Geo Block.
    3. Please report me about the “Path to database” at “Maxmind GeoLite settings“.
    4. Please report me the result of clicking “Download now“.

    If this plugin has the same issue of permission, you will see the message “Cannot open xxx to read/write” or something.

    In that case, you should find the proper place where your WordPress has permission to read/write, for example “wp-content/uploads”. And put the following code to your functions.php in your theme in order to change the directory where the geolocation database of this plugin (not Tor Block) can be saved.

    function my_maxmind_dir( $dir ) {
        $upload = wp_upload_dir();
        return $upload['basedir'];
    add_filter( 'ip-geo-block-maxmind-dir', 'my_maxmind_dir' );


    Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    I’m still working on this issue.

    Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    In the previous version of TOR Blocker 1.4, it would try to change the permission of geo-location database to 777. But the permission should be restricted by umask of the server, so an error might occur.

    This issue had already fixed in TOR Blocker 1.4.1 and has completely no relation to this plugin.

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