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    I am using The Events Calendar 4.6.21, YourChannel Pro 1.2 and the Themify Ultra theme version 2.0.1 on WordPress 4.9.8. Since 4.6.21 came out about a week ago, I am now seeing Console errors which are causing other scripts not to load on my Videos page, namely the scripts for the YourChannel plugin (my YourChannel videos won’t load with The Events Calendar active and with Themify Ultra active). **This issue started with the update to The Events Calendar 4.6.21.** I have done basic troubleshooting and have narrowed down the issue specifically to The Events Calendar and the Themify Ultra paid theme. Note that I see TEC Debug notices in the Console even with YourChannel deactivated. These Debug notices are not there when running the Twenty Seventeen theme with only The Events Calendar active.

    Clarification: With the Twenty Seventeen theme active, there are no console errors at all (including the TEC Debug notices) and the YourChannel videos load normally with The Events Calendar plugin active at the same time. Again, the Console errors and conflict only started after the update to TEC 4.6.21 but The Events Calendar and YourChannel worked fine with Themify Ultra before the TEC update.

    Based on the Console errors, YourChannel believes that the issue is caused by The Events Calendar (see

    Console Errors:

    I’d be glad to provide you with a copy of the Themify Ultra theme for troubleshooting purposes (no activation key is required). **I’m using the Pro version of YourChannel but I believe that the free version ( should allow the issue to be seen as well.**

    Thanks for your assistance in getting this conflict resolved.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    UPDATE: It turns out out that the conflict is NOT related to the Themify Ultra theme after all (my cache wasn’t fully cleared at the time I created this ticket). I just did more extensive testing (thoroughly clearing all caches) and the issue now ONLY happens when The Events Calendar is active along with the YourChannel plugin.

    See for an updated screenshot with Twenty Seventeen active.

    Your response to this issue would be greatly appreciated. We may need to discontinue using TEC if this is not resolved soon. Thank you very much.

    Hey there @midihead!

    Thanks for reaching out — sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties.

    Thank you for taking all the basic troubleshooting steps! It

    Can you provide me with a copy of the console log? You should be able to save the file after right click in the console.

    Also, to help determine the cause can you enable WP_DEBUG() as well as WP_DEBUG_LOG() — after enabled, access the site. Any errors should be present on the screen as well as the log output file.

    Take care,
    Ed 🙂

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    Thanks for replying @erishel

    Here is the Chrome Console log for the as requested:

    When enabling WP_DEBUG, I see this on the page:

    Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/php-code-widget/execphp.php on line 62

    I have already tested with the PHP Code Widget plugin disabled so that plugin isn’t the cause of the issue. Disabling PHP Code Widget results in no PHP errors being returned at all.

    Thanks for working through those steps. I’ll set up an environment with that plugin and see what I can figure out.

    I have a copy of Themiify Ultra, so I’ll see if I can reproduce.

    Take care,
    Ed ✌️

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    @erishel Do you have an update please? Thank you.

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    @erishel I just bought Pro and opened a support ticket today in my Account so I expect prompt assistance from Modern Tribe for this issue moving forward. The username on my account is midihead7. Thank you.

    I’m having the same issue. Here is what the developer of YourChannel said:

    The Events Calendar is including a script that triggers and listens for event named resize, YourChannel also uses an event with same name, but YourChannel has its own event manager. That Event Calendar’s plugin is hijacking all resize events. You should write to the Calendar plugin people as hijacking and overriding global things is not good. Their script messes with every other script that uses an event named resize. YourChanel also uses a famous slider script for Slider & Carousel themes which uses the event resize too, so we cannot change everything.

    Could really use an update soonest. Our site if for the TV show BattleBots, and our millions of user are missing out on seeing videos on our website.

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    @megagreg I have been in contact with Modern Tribe support who was also able to reproduce the issue. Here is their latest response as of Sept. 5, 2018:

    Indeed, it seems to be a conflict with our plugin assets and YourChannel plugin.

    We’ll let you know once we have an update about this.

    In the meantime, I have rolled back to The Events Calendar version (the last version that didn’t conflict with YourChannel for me) while we wait for a fix.

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    Thanks @midihead,

    Hopefully we’ll have a fix soon

    Hi @midihead – The Events Calendar just updated the plugin. Did the update fix your conflict with YourChannel?

    I have not tried yet on my end.

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    No, I just tried the latest version on my staging site. Version 4.6.23 does not yet contain the fix for this issue. I am to be notified when the fix is actually released and will report back here. I’m staying on version until the fix is released.

    Thanks much!

    Hey Jeff!

    I was able to track down that bug ticket and have referenced this topic as well. You’ll obviously be the first to know when a fix ships but that way the others experiencing issues in this topic will know as well.

    Thank you guys for your patience!

    Appreciate it Ed!

    Plugin Author Andras Guseo


    Hello @megagreg @midihead,

    With our recent version of TEC we were not able to reproduce this issue. Could you please update, check and get back to us if you are still having the issue?


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