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    This is what I wrote to themify theme support, but I presume that it’s better if I write it to you also.


    I installed a caching plugin for better performance (Swift Performance Lite) and with the element video it creates a problem.

    I have this same plugin istalled on other themes and it does not do this problem.

    Please take a look at the home page, the option video takes over all the first part of the website.

    with the element video:

    If I remove the option video, I can see the home page normal.

    without this element video

    Just to tell you in case you can do something to fix this.


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    I already gave you (and Themify author) the solution for this issue, so I´m a bit surprised that it isn´t solved yet.
    There is an invalid HTML tag in source, which break the dom parser.

    You may ask if Themify Theme author can fix this issue or download this file. You may install and activate it same way as a regular WordPress plugin.

    Hello Fred, I understand that you gave the solution, but it’s not something I am able to fix. Ok, I will ask again the themify group to fix it with what you gave us.

    There is more than just this problem apparently when the Swift Performance Lite plugin is activated. I discover more problems, so, from my side, I can only explain to them the problems. Thanks

    @fredawd Where did you capture that? That attribute you pointed out doesn’t exist here:

    @themifyme, I cannot really answer for @fredawd but I think it’s when we click at view source :

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    @isabelleroger That is weird. I don’t have that attribute here. Please see: (there is no duplicate attributes as per your screenshot).

    @themifyme Yes, this is really weird. Imagine, now I checked via the 2 browsers I have (SRWare Iron & Google Chrome) and the duplicate videos is not there anymore, but you will see in the video (link bellow) that the problem still exist anyway.

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    But as I told before, if I remove the Swift Performande Lite plugin, everything that is not working properly with the plugin activated is working if I removed the plugin. So, the video at the beginning is not there anymore afterwards. 2. I can save my actions in the themify builder with plugin deactivated. With plugin activated, if I start a new page, and I customize the row, the image, the padding, etc. even if I save, as soon as I go out of the theme builder, evertying what I have saved is not saved.

    So, I should just remove the plugin Swift Performance Lite and everything will be ok with themify. Of course it would be best if the plugin and themify would be compatible.

    I wonder if I try to install an older version of Swrift Perfomance Lite if the conflicts would still exists. I tried to find a version prior to 2.0.7 but I cannot find it.

    I tried the WP Rollback plugin to get the previous version of Swift Performance Lite, but it says that it’s impossible because the author of the plugin doesn’t gave tag for it to work. So, I would need a link to download previous version of Swift Performance Lite to try if the conflicts still exists or not.


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    @isabelleroger You have a good point. Think the problem might be related to the cache plugin. Have you tried another cache plugin?

    I tried different cache plugin, but this one was recommmended to me because it’s easy. I will have to check around I guess.. thanks

    Let us know if there anything else we can help you (beside of this cache plugin issue).

    @themifyme Thank you very much 🙂

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