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    Hi there,

    First of all, great work on the plug-in, it looks great and does exactly what I want.

    I’m following your advice of using the free version to test the functionality in the specific site I plan to use it in before purchasing, and it has identified a problem.

    I use TablePress to display large dynamic tables on the website, and it appears that because it uses a shortcode to display the table, then the glossary terms are not getting parsed (this is the primary place on the website where I actually want them parsed!)

    You mention in the support documentation to use:

    add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘red_glossary_parse’, 999);

    but it is unclear whether this will only work with the pro version (i.e. I have to make a leap of faith) or whether I can apply it somewhere whilst testing the plug-ins play nicely with each other?

    Test Page (glossary working)

    Page with table (glossary not working – ACTH term should be highlighted)

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated – it *looks* like CM Tooltip does what I want, but I want to avoid buying the plugin and then finding it is a non-solvable problem.


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    Seems like the second page is not loading at all. Overall my feedback without knowing or testing the plugin you mentioned is that all what works in the regular works with the pro. The pro add more functionality but does not replace the base modules

    I had several experiences with plugin in which I had to tweak the plugin to support the plugin or if the plugin (like event manager which is a very common plugin) had a template system add to the template support for the tooltip

    So to make long story short. If it does not work with the free version you will have same issue with the pro unless you add support to the way the other plugin is handling data



    Sorry – the second page link got changed in a restructure of the content and is now:

    Appreciate your points, I guess the core question I was asking was that if I can find the relevant point in the other plugin (TablePress) where they build the content in the table, is there a call I can wrap around it to make it parse the content for any glossary links? Is that the add_filter I mentioned in the original post and does that work in the free version?

    Plugin Author CreativeMinds


    No in this case (and any other case where this problem appears for other plugins) the method to try and use is apply_filters(‘the_content’, $input);
    Where $input is the content which you want to adjust in the other plugin

    Plugin Author CreativeMinds



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