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  1. rbmg-wp
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Dear Kenzo @itthinx,

    I have an issue when Groups is activated - Subscribe2 sends an empty post body, even when testing all components as an administrator. Posts are made via email using Postie, but that works fine with Subscribe2 if Groups is deactivated.

    I have been working this issue through on the Subscribe2 support forum with that plugin's author Matty Robinson - see that story here if required:

    @Mattyrob 's estimation of the problem is this:


    I think it must be something to do with the user data being available in both plugins then.

    Postie seems to be setting it up correctly in the wp_get_current_user() function. But the Group function user_can_read_post() is not collecting the same or a valid user ID when it is called in the_content filter.

    You need to try and debug what is set and collected in those functions on your site.

    It hard to say what needs to be done just looking at the code but as a guess I think maybe some variables need 'globalled' before being populated.

    My issue is I am not a developer so need some help with debugging. Would you possibly be able to help please? I have purchased some of your plugins via Codecanyon, for this same site.

    WP 3.7.1
    Groups 1.4.3
    Subscribe2 9.0
    Postie 1.5.16

    Thank you!


  2. rbmg-wp
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Dear Kento @itthinx,

    I saw your recent plugin updates and hoped they might have solved this issue for me but they haven't.

    I thought I would try to provide some more information in the hope that you might be able to provide some direction on solving this issue.

    I am trying to use Groups with Postie and Subscribe2.

    My registered subscribers are members of my 'premium' group and have the following capabilities from that group:


    When a user sends an email to the email address checked by postie, a post is created and published fine. Subscribe2 picks it up and sends an email but it sends with meta data only - the post body is empty. (Post body is present when Groups is deactivated.) See first post in this thread for suggestions from the author of Subscribe2 as to what might be the issue.

    It makes no difference whether the sending user is an admin or not.

    If we can get this working, I am more than happy to shout from all my social media rooftops to yahoogroups admins that wp with these 3 plugins are an effective replacement for the mailing system in yahoogroups.

    I would be really grateful if you could take a look at this for us - we are a not-for-profit and have limited resources to pay for a solution, however, a token donation is possible.

    Thank you so much, in anticipation of a response.


  3. rbmg-wp
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Your 1.4.7 upgrade today (12 Feb 14) has magically fixed this for me. I am guessing it was the_content filter?

    Thank you so very much!

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