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  • Hi

    I really like this plugin as an easy and simple way of allowing collaboration.

    My issue is that with a lot of changes and if you are using quite large pdf etc it soon bloats up the database with previous versions.

    Using Revisions Control I can set a maximum of 5 revisions to store without a problem but I then lose the permalink to the file on the edit page.

    I assume that the permalink is linked in some way to the first revision and once that first revision is lost so to is the permalink.

    If this is the case then will the plugin be compatible with the WordPress 3.6 when it is released as 3.6 has version control incorporated. If we set a maximum revision number will we lose the permalink when we upgrade to wordpress 3.6.


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  • It’s ok

    I’ve been able to limit the number of revisions by setting it in the config files instead of using a plugin.

    Still be interesting to know if anyone has tested this plugin in the dev version of worpdress 3.6

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