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    Media Library Assistant and another WordPress Plugin, qTranslate, can’t be used/activated at the same time.

    Once qTranslate is activated, the lists which are generated by Media Library Assistant disappear on my page(s).

    There is a second conflict I have; for my convenience I use an sidebar widget which displays an “edit page” link within every page.
    Without qTRanslate activated, these links always point to the right post-ID.
    When qTranslate is active, the link is pointing to post-ID 403 on every page.

    The code for the sidebar widget:

    if ( current_user_can( 'edit_posts' ) ) {
    		$link = wp_logout_url( get_permalink() );
    		global $user_identity;
    		echo '<div id="adminlink">';
    		echo '<ul>';
    			edit_post_link('Inhalt bearbeiten', '<li>', '</li>');
    			echo '<li>';
    			echo '<a href="'.$link.'" title="Logout">'.$user_identity.' ausloggen</a>';
    			echo '</li>';
    		echo '</ul>';
    		echo '</div>';
    	} // end if

    I would be glad if anyone had an idea how to resolve this. I myself have no idea where to start searching. 🙁


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  • I have a strong suspicion that this conflict is caused by the mark


    which both of the plugin use to divide different blocks of information…

    By now, i am not sure anymore if the combination MLA and qTranslate is the problem…

    It might be qTranslate an EG Attachments.

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for your report and for the updates you posted as you worked through your issue. Plugin interactions can be really frustrating!

    I loaded qTranslate in my test system and activated it. It did not seem to affect my [mla_gallery] shortcodes, which I believe are like the “lists which are generated by Media Library Assistant” you refer to in your first post. Is that right?

    I did get some error messages and PHP !Notice messages in the qTranslate admin screens, but these seem harmless. I must say it was interesting to see my site in German and Chinese!

    I also downloaded and activated the EG Attachments plugin. I added an EG Attachments [attachments] shortcode to a page and saw the list it generated. When I activated qTranslate, the [attachments] list disappeared; the [mla_gallery] lists were still displayed. Is that your experience?

    It looks like your issue is an interaction between qTranslate and EG Attachments. I can’t find any issue with Media Library Assistant. If you do find a problem, please re-open this topic or start a new topic.

    Thanks for your interest in the Media Library Assistant.

    David, thanks for your quick reply.

    Everything you write is correct; it’s exactly what I found out.
    I was wrong to assume my problem came from qTranslate and MLA.
    Sorry for that!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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