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    I have been using Authors List plugin for the last two years. Great experience!
    But after using ‍ “Molongui Author Box, Guest Author & Co-Author” plugin, it starts to conflict. All author display name has been replaced by admin display name.

    I did not find any solution. I would be happy if you look into the matter.

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    Hi @masudcu

    What is the full shortcode you’re using? I installed the Molongui plugin and the names are correct, but I’m trying with the plain shortcode without any additional parameters.

    Thread Starter Masud


    My Shortcode is-

    [authors_list style="4" columns="3" roles= "contributor" show_title"yes" show_count="no" show_bio="yes" show_link="no" orderby="display_name" order="ASC"]

    Plugin Author WPKube


    With that shortcode and the default settings I’m not getting an issue. Do you know which settings are changed on your installation?

    Do you have any other author related plugins?

    And just to confirm, you are seeing the administrator’s “display name” shown for all the authors, correct?

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    one-user-avatar‘ is the another author related plugin that is installed on my website.

    Yes, administrator’s “display name” shown for all the authors.

    Plugin Author WPKube


    One User Avatar plugin has been temporarily closed on November 15th pending a full review. So I can’t download it to test it out.

    Few questions and things to try:

    1) Can you try disabling the plugin to see if it make a difference with the name issue?

    2) And in WP admin when you go to edit a user it shows the correct display name?

    3) Can you try adding this in the shortcode:
    after_title="{al:display_name} - {al:first_name} - {al:last_name}"
    it will show display name, first name and last name just below the title/name. Do all of those show incorrectly?

    4) And when you deactivate the Molongui plugin do the names start showing correctly?

    Thread Starter Masud


    You can download ‘One User Avatar’ from their website: click this link

    1) Deactivating ‘One User Avatar’ does not change anything.

    2) yes, it shows the correct display name.

    3) I tried this shortcode. But display name doesn’t hyperlinked. and admin display name doesn’t disappear.

    4) yes, after deactivating Molongui plugin, author name start showing correctly.

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    Plugin Author WPKube


    We’re using this to get the display name:

    $name = get_the_author_meta( 'display_name', $author_id );

    It’s the official WordPress way to get the display name.

    In the Molongui code I see that they do filter the display name but I don’t know the plugin code well enough to understand how it all works. Replicating the issue on my installation would help out a lot since I’ll have something to figure out what part in their code causes the issue, but I’m not getting the issue here.

    I see they haven’t yet responded to your support request. Their input on this would help out quite a bit.

    Can you try a little code modification in Molongui code? In molongui-authorship/includes/class-post.php on line 38 you’ll see:

    $this->loader->add_filter( 'get_the_author_display_name', $this, 'maybe_filter_the_author_display_name', 999, 3 );

    Add // at the start of that to comment it out.

    //$this->loader->add_filter( 'get_the_author_display_name', $this, 'maybe_filter_the_author_display_name', 999, 3 );

    Then check if the display name in the authors list is still wrong.

    Thread Starter Masud


    Excellent! it works!! thank you so much. 😀

    Plugin Author WPKube


    You’re welcome 🙂

    But it just means the issue originates there. Removing the code will then get rid of their filtering of the display name in locations that are valid.

    So I looked at the code to figure out what’s happening.

    They filter the display name in order to display the multiple authors wherever the theme (or a plugin) is showing author’s display name.

    So what happens is that they take over the output for “display name”, get the ID of the current post/page (in this case the page that shows the authors list) and show the “display names” of the authors of that post/page.

    In case the current post/page does not have multiple authors it just returns the original value.

    Do you have multiple authors set for that page where you list the authors? If you do, that’s causing the issue. Removing it to only have 1 author will resolve the issue.

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