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    I have a legacy static website, This week I installed wordpress in its own directory under /public on an apache server. The auto installation process overwrote the index file that previously was in /public. As a result, the url took users directly to my wordpress blog, rather than to the legacy menu.

    I then renamed the wordpress index file, saving it. Next wrote a simple html index file containing a menu with an anchor redirecting to the renamed wordpress index file. This worked fine, bringing up the welcome page of my blog. However, when any of the post or categories in the blog are clicked, the user is redirected back to the websites main menu, not to the selected link.

    I stopped pretending to know anything about computers a number of years ago. What is the way to get clicked wordpress links to react as expected?

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  • The problem currently is that as far as the configuration in the WordPress control files and database is, WordPress been installed on the root domain. Creating a home page redirection patch from the root domain like you have done doesn’t change the linkages for subpages.

    Instead, setup a subdomain on your host’s system and run WordPress there until you are finished building the site, then move it the root domain. Then, you won’t have to mess with the parent domain running your live site. If you haven’t invested anytime in building the new site in WordPress, you could just delete your root domain installation and reinstall from scratch to the subdomain. If you have work you want to keep, you’ll want to look at moving the WordPress root domain references to the subdomain. For more information on that process, please review:

    Once you’ve completed the build, the instructions above would also apply for moving from the subdomain to the root domain.

    If you are not sure how to setup a subdomain and install WordPress there, talk to your host and they will generally walk you through the process.

    Chris, Thanks.
    I used the wp export function to save my content; deleted (uninstalled) wp from my /puplic directory; reinstalled in a second level lower subdierectory; importrd the content, and now the website is functioning as would be expected, OK. Thanks again for your response.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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