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  • I have this plug-in

    I have hidden the plug-in in the Admin menu to everyone under Administrator role because I do not want them touching the settings of the banner or getting all confused and asking me “What’s that?!” etc, etc.

    But this (hiding from everyone under Admin) does something weird. Anyone who isn’t logged in as an Admin cannot see the banner on the front-end of the site.

    For example, someone with the role of “Subscriber” is only subscribed to posts. They cannot make any posts, but they can sure view the actual site and its content just fine, whether logged in or out, right? So why does this not happen with the content slider?

    I have e-mailed the author of the slider plug-in but so far all I have got is that I have to “change my website settings”. It seems there is a direct conflict between these two plug-ins.

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  • deactivating Adminimize seems to fix the display issue for the slider. 🙁 but i want to keep Adminimize. What should be done??

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    Maybe you can send me the plugin for check on my dev install? You cna use my contact via the user profile page.

    Where? I don’t see an e-mail address and I don’t want to sign up to

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    I have check the plugin and the menu items is always viewable for all users, there have a role, there have the capability edit_posts.

    This is the point, that can see all editors and authors, but not the subscribers. This is not a part of Adminimize, the plugin don’t change the roles, rights or capabilities.

    But it also possible to hide the menu items with Adminimize for each role, also tested and works fine. I can’t find a problem between the plugins.

    Ok, did you:

    1. Create an actual banner with that banner plug-in and put it on the front page
    2. Use Adminimize to hide the banner on the Admin menu from everyone except the Admin
    3. Log out of your site, then try to view the banner that you placed on the front page

    That’s the problem. When I use Adminimize to hide the plug-in from being viewed on the back-end, it also does it on the FRONT-END.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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