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  • Hello!

    I’ve been happily using this plugin for years with nary a problem, but I noticed yesterday that the videos on my site (there are over 900 – the company is a video design company and uses the website so the customers can proof their ads) simply quit resizing.

    I’ve recently updated JetPack – when I disable JetPack the videos display properly. But I can’t really quit using JetPack as that’s rather important to the site too… I’ve fiddled with JetPack’s settings as much as I can, but it doesn’t seem to help. (They’ve changed JetPack so much over the past year I’m not real sure how or where to change some of the settings any longer – it used to be easier.)

    If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, I’d sure appreciate it. Thank you!

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  • In a pinch, you can go to Jetpack => Settings => Debug (in the Jetpack settings page’s footer) => Access the full list of Jetpack modules available on your site (a small link on the Jetpack debug page), and then you can deactivate the Shortcode Embeds feature of Jetpack.

    Though, ideally, this plugin should be compatible with Jetpack’s shortcode embed module. That being said, this might be a matter of Jetpack needing to make their shortcode embeds module not totally hijack the embed_oembed_html filter many plugins/theme use to augment/alter the output of oembed code (unless it’s simple to add support for Jetpack’s current filter hijacking setup as well as the standard setup.)

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    Alright, it appears I have come up with a potential fix for this, but it requires patching the main plugin file, and I’m not exactly sure of the best way to implement this in a way that will be officially adopted by the plugin developer.

    I noticed Jetpack’s Shortcode Embeds module had a video_embed_html filter being applied right before the video embed shortcodes output their HTML (see Jetpack documentation:

    Seems like this plugin could filter for video_embed_html in addition to embed_oembed_html so it accommodates Jetpack’s Shortcode Embeds module as well as the standard WordPress oembed setup.

    Thank you, KZeni! I appreciate your responses!

    Sadly, though, deactivating the “Shortcode Embeds” function of JetPack didn’t make any difference. I tried fumbling around with the Plugin’s code as you mentioned, trying to add the “video_embed_html” filter, but I really don’t know much about code at all – it didn’t work and I ended up reverting back to the original code.

    But thank you again for taking the time to try to help out with this issue – I very much appreciate it!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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