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    Hey there,

    I love this plugin…one of the first I install on any wordpress site. After upgrading to wordpress 3.5 I unfortunately found that the plugin conflicts with Gravity Forms, preventing any of the gravity form fields from being editable. Disabling Admin Menu Tree Page View fixes the problem. Any chance for an update to address the issue? Thanks!

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  • I’ve recently encountered this problem too.

    In my case the problem is more specific and only causes a conflict with Gravity Forms when I have sub Pages, i.e. if I keep all Pages at the parent level there is no conflict with Gravity Forms.

    (Admin Menu Tree Page View was working fine with Gravity Forms on my system until I created two sub Pages about an hour ago.)

    Ditto here. Exact problem as OP, disabled this plugin and gforms started working perfectly again.

    Love this plugin and would like top be able to use it again but unfortunately gforms has to take precedence over the convenience this plugin provides.

    Error messages from console:

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token &

    Uncaught TypeError: Object function (e,t){return new v.fn.init(e,t,n)} has no method ‘curCSS’

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    I think the problem is in Gravity Forms and the fact that WordPress 3.5 comes with a newer version of jQuery UI.

    I don’t have a Gravity Form license, but the help forum mentions the same problem here (I can not read the thread, but any of you can please let me know what it says ๐Ÿ™‚

    I read & responded to the post on the Gravity Forms support site using the links provided above. At the time of my post, the OP merely stated the conflict between the jQuery version in WP 3.5 and the curCSS method. The GF developers replied that they were not able to reproduce the error.

    I responded with the information that the AMTPV plugin causes a conflict, and disabling it resolves the issue. However, since disabling this plugin resolves the problem, but the error is in a GF script, I’m just passing along the info so both sides can investigate.

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    OK, thanks.

    Well I did some more digging and I’m pretty sure now that the problem is within Gravity Forms.

    Gravity Forms uses a jQuery plugin called jquery.dimensions, which has been integrated with jQuery core since jQuery 1.2.6. The latest/current version of WordPress uses 1.8.3 and it does not contain some of the methods that the old dimensions-plugin use (for example curCSS, which was removed in jQuery (more info here:

    So not much I can do. Try again at the Gravity Forms forum.

    Just left a reply in gravity forms forum about this issue. According to GF admin, the curCSS script (which is the source of this issue) is no longer required by Gravity Forms and will be removed from the code in version 1.7 when itโ€™s released.

    I can confirm that the conflict is still present with AMTPV version 2.6, GF 1.6.11 and WP 3.5.

    Love both plugins and look forward to a resolution.

    hai i just install gravity form to start making some business site. my problem start when i have done set up my gravity form.when i log out from admin are and go to page after click BUY BUTTON my page show ‘page not found’ and don’t bring me form page that my customer can fill their order details.somebody please help me.
    have take a look :

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