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    Has anyone used Magic Fields with Gravity Forms?

    I noticed on a site I am working on with a lot of write panels, that the link to Media was missing. I deactivated all plugins and have figured out that there seems to be a conflict with Gravity Forms and Magic Fields.

    With just Gravity Forms activated, the link to it in the admin menu is below Comments (as it should, according to the plugin code). However, once Magic Fields is activated, the link to Gravity Forms jumps up below Media and above Links. This is fine for a site with few write panels. But for a larger site, with a lot of write panels as the one I am working on, it seems that the link to Gravity Forms covers or hides the Media link, and Media is no longer accessible.

    I thought this would have been a problem with Gravity Forms. However, according to the code it should not do this and it only jumps up from below Comments when Magic Fields is activated.

    Has anyone else come across this problem?


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  • Gravity Forms assigns its “Forms” plug-in to take a certain admin menu position. So if you’re using Magic Fields and you have enough Write Panels to where it hits whatever position that is, something will be missing as “Forms” is taking up its spot and blocking it.

    It isn’t really a Magic Fields issue and more in how Gravity Forms sets up it’s admin section positioning. I’ve run into it before on sites with larger numbers of write panels. I’ve usually just set it up to where it’s blocking something I don’t need anyway, like Links. But you can probably reach out to Gravity Forms and find a better patch for it. I just haven’t needed one yet but I’ve seen a similar issue to what you’re describing.

    Thanks for responding KristinCodesWP!

    The problem is that I have looked at the code for Gravity Forms, and it doesn’t specify a position for the admin menu (line 771) – so by default it should go after Comments (which it does when Magic Fields is NOT activated) as per the Codex.

    Once Magic Fields is activated, that is when Gravity Forms moves up the menu. If there are few write panels, it is below Media – why? I don’t know, it should still be under Comments, no? But then if you have lots of write panels, it hides/covers Media.

    I have tried giving it a position, anything higher than 10 (which is the default for Media), even 100, but nothing moves the Forms link down from not hiding Media. How are you able to move it to block something else?

    The only number I CAN find in the Gravity Forms code is a position of 16.9 (line 769), but even then it should place it below Links (15) but the line (771) without the position specified is the one being used as I commented out the icon URL to figure out which was being used (it’s an if/else statement).

    I have been able to move the Forms link by changing “add_object_page” on line 771 of the Gravity Forms plugin to “add_menu_page” and that seems to have stopped it from overriding Media. Unfortunately this is not ideal due to future plugin updates so I will have to contact Gravity Forms and see what they say.

    Just an update incase someone else comes across this problem.

    The people over at Gravity Forms have said to use the above fix for now. In a coming update of Gravity Forms, they will add a hook that will allow us to change the line without having to do it right in the plugin code.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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