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  • I found an issue with Olevmedia Shortcodes when I was trying to figure out why Gravity Forms message editor isn’t working properly.

    When loading a Gravity Forms admin page with an editor field I get following error in console:

    ReferenceError: OMSC_PLUGIN_BUTTON_MENU is not defined
    addItems(OMSC_PLUGIN_BUTTON_MENU, menu);

    This is the related JavaScript file:

    (function() {
        tinymce.PluginManager.add( 'omsc_shortcodes_plugin', function( editor, url ) {
    				var menu=[];
    				function addPopup ( item, title, id ) {
    					item.onclick = function () {
    						omsc_plugin_popup(id, title);
    				function addInsert ( item, title, code_start, code_end) {
    					item.onclick = function () {
    						omsc_plugin_insert(title, code_start, code_end);
    				function addItems(arr, node) {
    					for(k in arr) {
    						var i={text: arr[k]['title']};
    						if(arr[k]['type'] == 'parent') {
    							var m=[];
    							addItems(arr[k]['childs'], m);
    						} else if(arr[k]['type'] == 'addPopup') {
    							addPopup(i, arr[k]['title'], k);
    						} else if(arr[k]['type'] == 'addInsert') {
    							addInsert(i, arr[k]['title'], arr[k]['before'], arr[k]['after']);
    				addItems(OMSC_PLUGIN_BUTTON_MENU, menu);
            editor.addButton( 'omsc_shortcodes_button', {
                title: 'Insert Shortcode',
                /*text: 'Shortcodes',*/
                icon: 'icon-om-shortcodes',
                type: 'menubutton',
                menu: menu
            } );
        } );

    Now I need to disable the Olevmedia plugin or disable the visual editor before I am able to use the visual editor in Gravity Forms.

    Otherwise the plugin has been excellent!


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