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  • Hello, and thanks for this very nice plugin.

    I have found a compatibility issue with another shortcode.
    The “box” shortcode generates the wrong output, as apparently it was already registered either by my theme or a plugin (I think it’s the theme).

    May I suggest a less generic name for the shortcode?
    Alternatively, how can I change the shortcode from “box” to, say, “olevbox”?

    Also, whilst this is the only conflict I found up to now, there might be more…
    My limited understanding of shortcodes suggests me that very generic names can potentially generate this kind of issue; please correct me if I’m wrong.

    The fact is that I came here mainly for the “box” effect… and I can’t seem to use it.

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  • Sorry for the double post, but I’ve an update.

    I’ve been able to change the shortcode to “ombox” (although I can’t still insert it automatically via UI -trying to get this result- it’s enough to correct the output shortcode… ok for now).

    I humbly suggest you to do the same, or implement a similar solution, to avoid future possible issues. 🙂

    Maybe the best would be a “compatibility mode” that, if activated, would trigger modified shortcodes. The main plus of this solution would be this: those who have a lot of “old” shortcodes in their pages, with no issues, could simply ignore this special setting and keep using their shortcodes. No hassle.

    Those who have issues would have an easy way to solve.

    The question now is… are you going to do this move?
    And if not, could you suggest me a plugin-updates-proof way to make my change persistent?

    THANKS! ^_^

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