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[Resolved] conflict with download monitor widget

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  • Plugin Author ELsMystERy


    I am using the download list widget on my sites with QAFP FAQ installed and am not seeing the problem. I would need to see your site to troubleshoot this further. It could be a different plugin, or widget causing the problem.

    yeah, widget of download monitor stops generating page (i mean last generated is name of download widget) i turned off now faq plugin(all works fine without that).. site: 0crash0.e3w.ru
    upd. i didn’t ever turnd on faq widget…

    Plugin Author ELsMystERy


    When I try to get to your site I get this error: CPU Limit Exceeded. Try a different theme and see if it works with that. If you look at this site: http://lanexatek.com/ you will see it is working fine with my theme there.

    0crash0.hol.es .. that’s mirror.. thanks maybe that’s realy problem with my theme beccouse when i change it to twentyforteen main page show’s all normaly..
    but when i go to page with faq plugin http://0crash0.hol.es/maya_f-a-q/ all widget’s dissapear

    Plugin Author ELsMystERy


    I see the widgets on http://0crash0.hol.es/maya_f-a-q/.

    and faq? maybe i’ve turn it off to test when you open url… but with another theme it’s work fine at all pages and faq page too .. .
    must to see code of widget panels at my main theme and themes where it’s working


    Plugin Author ELsMystERy


    Download monitor may have a problem. I noticed that the download monitor widget is not working correctly on category archives on my site, but is fine everywhere else.

    don’t know whats going on .. . but at the my mirror site now all works and with my theme too (without chenge something)..

    maybe i corrupt some files when i moov my site.. .

    my last host have problems too with avalibility.. and new host now too… great… maybe i stop on my testing mirror.. all works .. maybe it load some more time than others… but i haven’t probles with that yet

    sorry for offtop

    hm .. now and at e3w site all works.. maybe i just need to re-activete plugins download and faq

    yepp at categories it’s not works

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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