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[Resolved] Conflict with BBpress…. can't post topic as keymaster/admn

  • Hi… Doesn’t look like this plugin author is updating this. This plugin I was trying out because I wanted the admin bar plus wp-user front end (giving users an option of going into the admin panel if they wanted.) Worked good for that. But causes an error when installing bbpress forums. Makes it so keymaster (admin) does not appear authorized to post topics.

    Had to remove this plugin for that to work in bbpress. Just passing along.

    Thanks for the plug-in… sad to see it go. It worked well doing what I wanted for a bit. ๐Ÿ™‚



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  • Plugin Author Lee Willis



    There hasn’t really been much need to update this – it’s a fairly simple plugin that “just works” in most cases.

    It seems there’s some conflict with BBPress from what you’re saying, but I can’t imagine what that might be. Were there any errors generated?

    Hi Lee… no errors were stated. What happened was that I could not post topics as keymaster. So, I deactivated plugins… reactivated one by one… and this plug-in was the barrier. I removed this one plug-in and was all set. But, you know, Lee, I have so many plug-ins and I don’t understand a lot about the “big picture” on these technical things. So, if someone had “just your plug-in” and BBpress… maybe it wouldn’t pose a conflict. But maybe the combination of plug-ins I have make yours not work for me with BBpress….???

    All I know is that I tracked it down in my situation to this one plug-in, removed this plug-in… and the issue was cleared.

    Thanks!! ~~ for your work on this plug-in.

    Laura Lee

    Plugin Author Lee Willis



    I’ve just pushed out v0.3 which makes a few changes. I’d be interesting to know if that resolves the issues you were having?

    I reinstalled your plug in. Works perfectly.

    (I am just setting up my website… but when it “gets rolling”… it will be my pleasure to donate to and buy pro of all the authors of the plug-ins I use. I do feel guilty just “using” people’s plug-ins without donating… so I do “feel the need to explain”… since I feel in my heart I owe you a donation ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll get there with that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you ever so kindly!

    Laura Lee


    I’ve got a problem with Administrator / Keymaster and other roles when installing bbPress.

    I’m running a site for our local Lions Club and when setting up the site in 4.0 I created 2 administrators beside myself, and the rest of the members of the club I gave the roles of Authors or Editors (but in French Auteur and Editeur). When installing bbPress everyting screwd up. Suddenly everyone had the lowest role and the other administrators couldn’t log in to the Dashboard but of some reason my previliges as Administrator remaind. When attempting to give back the roles as Admins to the other 2 accounts, there where no Admin in the list to so I couldn’t give them that role. The highest role I could give them was Editor

    I then deinstalled bbPress. My Administrator account then turned into Keymaster and the other two former Adminstrators turned into Editeurs (editor in French) but all the other members got their old roles.

    So when now trying to give back the Administrors role to myslef (who is a Keymaster for the moment) and to the other 2 accounts there is no Administrator in the list just a mitchmach of roles in English and in French. What turnes up are (rmember that bbPress is deinstalled now):

    * Abbonรฉ
    * Participant
    * Moderator
    * Blocked
    * Spectator
    * Keymaster
    * Contributeur
    * Auteur
    * Editeur

    (FYI I have today upgraded WordPress to 4.0.2)

    What is thies al about. How do I give people the roles of Adminstrator ???

    Pls help !


    Plugin Author Lee Willis


    Hi – are you saying that you get problems when you install the “Always Show Admin Bar” plugin – or is this just a buddypress issue?


    You are right ! It is purly a bbPress problem. I made a search on Administrator and Keymaster and found this tread and I was so exited for that so I didn’t notice that the subject is “Always Show Admin Bar”.

    I’m sorry! Do you have any suggestion about where to post my problem?



    Plugin Author Lee Willis


    Thanks !

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