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  • Hello,

    I am extremely new to wordpress. I have an website and have ‘pushed’ the button to have godaddy ‘install’ wordpress. When I go to the page displays. If I simply go to I get an error. Even when going to index.php the links on the right side go to ‘page cannot be displayed’ error pages, so circumventing the direct link originally is not going to work.

    Godaddy claims there is a conflict with something in the web.config file of my .net site? They suggested it was the redirect, however, I have the same results with both listing the start location in the web.config file and leaving this as nothing.

    Your consideration is greatly appreciated!

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  • so godaddy didn’t tell you that you would always have problems with wordpress on their windows servers?

    umm. no.

    It’s just listed as a choice, and claims it works with both Windows with IIS7 and Unix. I thought, Oh Word Press! Everyone loves WordPress and pushed the ‘install’ button.

    I take it this is not a good match from your commments. Since the site itself is in and MUST be on a windows server, and took several months to develop, I guess I need to find a blogging solution that is based on .net rather than try to force WordPress to work in an environment that it doesn’t like very well.

    Since I am making literally 50 or more of these sites, all based on godaddy’s available .net platform, changing providers at this late stage would put the project back far further than I can do.

    Thank you for your time. I’ll just have to wait until I do a php site to enjoy the benefits of your program. 🙂

    I just installed WordPress on IIS7. I got what sounds like the same errors as you.

    I discovered index.php was not in the default pages list of IIS7. Once I added it, everything worked fine.

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