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    I’ve been using Dynamic Widgets and it worlks like a dream and is really useful.

    But a couple a days ago I found one problem. I started using another very useful plugin for building affiliate links to Amazon products. It is called Amazon Link and it’s the best and most versatile Amazon widget around, full of options and possibilities.

    When I put some link code from this Amazon plugin in a text widget and try to change its Dynamic properties, it just gets blocked. Then it prompts a message saying it doesn’t work with Dynamic Widgets. But this does not always happen.

    Most of the time the text widget gets dynamic with some properties set to “No”. These properties (Single post, pages, frontpage, etc.) are the same I usually set to “No”, so it seems that Dynamic Widgets plugin somehow “copies” the properties of other text widgets that were already set before.

    Up to now it has not really been a problem for me, but I just wanted to let you know the issue, as there’s a lot of people using these kind of plugins that throw some code to be copied to text widgets. It seems to be a compatibility problem on the Dynamic Widget’s side.

    Maybe you may want to keep an eye on other “selective” plugins like Custom Code by Country as well, as there are some people who use them to build affialiate links for users that live in Europe, America or Asia, for example. One of the most useful features of Dynamic Widgets is its full compatibility with WPML, so why not make it compatible as well with some other plugin that allows to get pages not just by language, but for country?

    Just one more thing: these two plugins use Ip2Nation to choose the country.

    Thanks very much,

    Carles, from Barcelona

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    Reading your story I think you hit into the way WordPress handles widgets which might look like a bug or at least strange behaviour. Every time you add a widget to a sidebar, an ID is generated for this widget. This ID is used by DW to identify the widget. Because widgets can be added multiple times, this ID is sequential. However, when you delete a widget from the sidebar and add a new one it might end up using the same ID. DW does not know you’ve deleted a widget, so it keeps it’s settings for the specific ID.

    The reason why it’s not always happening can have two reasons:
    1. A new ID
    2. DW has performed a so called ‘housekeeping’*

    *) DW performes once in a while housekeeping to it’s database cleaning out widget IDs that do not exist (anymore) in the WP system.

    Regardin the country / location based feature: That is on the wishlist for a while already.

    Thanks for the accurate response,

    Now it made me think something that may be useful. You see, in my case (and for sure others will do the same) I use DW to select which text widgets will be shown for this or that post or page. Normally I don’t write any title as I don’t want it to be shown in the widgets, so in WordPress post page I end up with a very long list of text widgets to be selected, and you can get lost very easily.

    In a future version, could you do something to identify each widget (with a number ID or name)?

    Thank you very much,


    Plugin Author Qurl


    Yeah, I’ve reveived more or less the same requests. I understand the problem. No solution available yet.

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