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    No, the plugin Admin Menu Editor is not in my mind. Have you more descriptions about the problems?
    Also a url to the plugin: Admin Menu Editor

    Here’s a URL to the plugin:

    I want to restricted all menu options for a particular user except a custom post type tab I created called “Groups.” I don’t want them to be able to view any options in the top admin bar either. After enabling the settings the top admin bar options have disappeared, but the menu options are all still available in the menu (left sidebar). I’m half way there! Your plugin works fine if I disable the admin menu editor plugin.

    I have exactly the same issue.

    After coming across this post, I disabled the Admin Menu Editor and Adminimize started working correctly again. With it activated I can only disable admin bar links and not the side menu options as previously.

    Any updates on why yet?




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    @blacksheep42: As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    As an addition to the above, I have just done a fresh WordPress install with both plugins activated and Adminimize works perfectly. It is not until you actually use Admin Menu Editor to amend any left menu items and save it that the problem arises.

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    Currently I haven’t time to check this, but I will do this later. Sorry, but my free time is small and not always for the plugin.

    My issue for this topic if you will help me:

    @mezzerpezzer @blacksheep42

    I had this same problem and figured out that admin menu has some strange ways of getting things to work. I had the same issue with another plugin and admin menu prior as well, when I updated that plugin. Since both do the same thing I’m guessing it was the update itself that was the issue not the adminimize.

    Both plugins have backups so back them up and delete them. Reinstall adminimize and import settings. Then install admin menu and first try only changing the menu that was having issues and I’m pretty sure it will work. If it does go ahead and install the import file.

    I know this sounds stupid and isn’t much of a developers answer, but it worked for me both times. I’m not really sure why it worked but only thing I can think of is the plugins are fighting over who does what.

    Anyway, if that doesn’t work and you want to keep adminimize, drop admin menu and install admin ui customize.

    The developer has pretty much made plugin for everything you’d want to change in the backend. Some of them are still a little buggy, but he’s constantly working on them and will help you right away if you need it. It takes care of the toolbar, admin menu, dashboard, and pretty much the entire admin.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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