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    When we enable The Events Calendar plugin, in the backend of WP, dropdowns within the ACF plugin turn into textboxes without content – rendered useless. When we deactivate TEC plugin, ACF works as expected.

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  • Came here to post the same thing. One of the recent updates to Events Calendar broke any select2 fields with ACF. This includes the standard select boxes with stylized UI, page link fields, among others that use the select2 library.

    Not sure how to fix the issue, but it’s easily repeatable and definitely related to an update to Events Calendar.

    Same issue for me.

    OK here’s a patch for now, I’m using this field on the user-edit.php page, so I’m hooking this into that page only, you’ll need to change the hook to suit your page:

    add_action('admin_head-user-edit.php', 'deregister_tribe_select2');
    function deregister_tribe_select2()

    (put this in your functions.php file)

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    @sampryor thank you thank you thank you -this had been driving me crazy for the last couple of hours!

    I’m using ACF throughout my entire site and custom post types, so in my case I just whipped this up which seems to do the trick for me. It only loads the Event Calendar select2 on their admin pages. (not sure why they load it everywhere by default)

    function deregister_tribe_select2() {
      $current_screen = get_current_screen();
      if( $current_screen->id !== "tribe_events" && $current_screen->id !== "tribe_venue"  && $current_screen->id !== "tribe_organizer") {
    add_action('admin_enqueue_scripts', 'deregister_tribe_select2');

    @61pixels I have the same question! Why would they load their resource everywhere. This is terrible for overall performance.

    Now we have to come up with hacks to user their software. Has anyone heard if they even addressed these issues with the latest version? All I got from them was the standard message asking to do the compatibility test and so on.

    @61pixels Thanks for your assist. Solved my issues as well.
    Post: Last update causes issues.

    @demaier It’s pretty common from what I’ve seen with plugins; loading their js/css on every single page. I honestly just think it’s laziness but there may be other reasons. It definitely can cause loads of issues, as we see here. Ironically Tribe has specific code in their plugin to look for ACF Pro, and if it’s active, not to load the Event Calendar’s version. Something must have happened in this latest update that broke that aspect though since it obviously no longer works.

    @southernb No problem, happy it helped. There is probably a much more elegant way of doing it to be honest, but I am assuming they will fix the problem as it definitely is a bug considering they have code in place to prevent this (that just no longer works). I just needed a quick fix until then, and the code above which I got the idea from @sampryor seemed to work just fine.

    @61pixels that’s good that they have the check for ACF but if it is not working it does us no good. But I’m also sure they will fix it soon. šŸ™‚

    Yes, I also see with a bunch of other plugins. Would it be nice if they would be a little less lazy and perform checks to only load their resources where they are used, instead of loading them globally. However, I also don’t know if there may be other reasons for that, I think it depends on each application but generally I don’t see why they should be loaded globally.

    I have also seen plugins to do exactly that, force other plugins to only load their resources on their specific pages. Here’s an example for NextGen Gallery (

    Here’s another fix for this bug with The Events Calendar:

    Thanks @61pixels For this solution… It’s also working for a similar problem i was having with “The Events Calendar” in combination with “Tribulant Newsletter”.

    Thanks @sampryor and @61pixels for your code, and @bigfuzz for your report – this also has been messing with our development.



    I’m sorry to hear that … we should have a fix available shortly, however.

    @barryhughes-1 Awesome to hear. Look forward to the patch.

    I believe this is a known issue that we just released an update for. Can you update your plugins (preferrably on a staging site) and see if that resolves the issue.

    Courtney šŸ™‚

    It seems it fixed for me. Thank you!

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