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  • has anyone encountered the problem I’m having which is a Conflict between the Nice-Related-Posts plugin and the Contact Form plugin? This is for WP 1.5.1, I installed the ContactForm plugin, created its page, worked great, but related-posts did not (and never had so I didn’t associate it). I finally got related posts to work (reinstalled WP deleted cookies, etc) but then the Contact Form (on it’s own page) cannot be found… the link to it goes to ‘no posts found’. fine that’s okay, I can live without the contact form so I removed the PAGE that the contactform tag goes on, but as soon as I do the related posts stops working! if I create that contactform page again (even though it can’t be found) then the related posts works again. Anyone have a problem like this?

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  • I don’t know if it is related (n00b, sorry :)), but I am experiencing a conflict between the Contact Form plugin and any other plugin that adds an ‘insert code’ button above the post form. I think the contact form breaks the javascript or something like that.

    Please accept my apologies for messing up your post with my unrelated comment. After posting my comment and re-reading your message I realized that my problem had nothing to do with the problem you are experiencing, sorry!
    By the way, I found a workaround for my problem: uncheck the “Show ‘Contact Form’ Quicktag” checkbox on the contact form options page.

    The contactform js issue is fixed in the repository.. as for the related posts stuff, that’s *very weird*. Link to the related posts thing?

    It may be that the two are not related. My Nice-Related-Posts is now not working at all with or without the contactform working. If it had NEVER worked it would almost be more acceptable. But it worked beautifully for a day. I tried retracing and undoing everything I did that day but no help. for a while I thought it was htaccess/permalinks related but who knows.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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