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  • I just added Gravity Forms to my WordPress site at and when I did, Meteor Slides stopped showing up in my side navigation.

    When I try to click on the Settings for Meteor Slides, I get an error that says I do not have sufficient permissions to access this (the settings) page.

    The slider is still showing up on the home page of the site.

    When I deactivate Gravity forms, Meteor Slides comes up and I can edit/add slides and change settings.

    Any idea how I can get both Gravity and Meteor to play nice together?

    Also, if there is no workaround, is it possible (or a good idea) to work on my Meteor Slides when Gravity is deactivated, then activate Gravity and use it once I have the slide shows loaded?

    Thanks for any help. I am running the Thesis Theme 2.1.9 with the Promo skin if that info helps.

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  • Wondering if anyone else has run into this confict between Meteor Slides and Gravity forms. Looks like it was a problem a couple years ago but I am not finding the code in Meteor that is shown as a fix to the issue.

    Looks like Meteor and Gravity own the same spot on the WP Nav menu and I don’t see where the code that is mentioned from a couple years back is located today.

    Anyone run into this and found a fix?

    Thanks for letting me know

    I don’t know how useful this will be, but I just did the opposite of what you are doing, i.e., I added Meteor Slides to a site where I already had Gravity Forms installed. Both plugins seems to co-exist just fine when they are installed in that order. I also have other plugins that appear in the nav menu, and they’re all visible and working fine.

    I know it’s a bit of work, buy maybe you could uninstall Meteor Slides, deactivate Gravity Forms (but don’t uninstall or you’ll lose your forms), re-install Meteor Slides, and then reactive Gravity Slides. Hopefully, both plugins will show up in the nav menu and work.

    Good luck!

    For what it’s worth, we also encountered an error with slides not working after installing a FAQ plugin called WP Awesome FAQ. This is on WP 3.6 and 3.9.1.

    Plugin Author Josh Leuze


    Meteor Slides and Gravity Forms should work great together, I use them both every day.

    Are you using the latest version of both plugins? This might actually be a conflict with another plugin, or your theme. To start with try deactivating your other plugins to confirm that none of them are causing any problems.

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