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    This plugin installed easily for me, but I quickly found that it doesn’t let the page permalink contain the category name the way posts do. I wanted the plugin so page URLs could contain the category name.

    So I won’t be using this Pages with Category and Tag plugin. However I want to let others know of a problem I had.

    I created a category name that matched the permalink of a page. In my example the page had URL /sputtering-systems. The plugin let me do that. I made a test page and a test post that used the category name. I could view my test PAGE as /sputtering-systems-test-page and I could view my test POST as /sputtering-systems/test-post.

    However I could no longer visit my original page! Instead I got a server error “too many redirects.” I cleared browser cache to the beginning of time, but the error persisted even after each of these changes, with a clearing of browser cache after each try:
    – removed the post’s category (then WP changed it to uncategorized)
    – deactivated the plugin (then the page’s category was gone)
    – removed the plugin

    I could visit my original page ONLY after restoring the website from backup.

    I see YAHMAN has answered from an earlier problem report, that “due to the nature of WordPress, categories and tags will remain even if you remove the plugin.” I didn’t know to remove the categories and tags manually before I restored my website, so I don’t really know if the restore from backup was actually necessary.


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    Hi all, I have an update.

    This morning I noticed I still have a regular WordPress category with slug “sputtering-systems” and one post that’s in that category. I’m still able to display my /sputtering-systems PAGE and my /sputtering-systems/test-post.

    That is, I believe my /sputtering-systems page’s server “too many redirects” problem was caused by the plugin and not by the regular WordPress category.


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    Hi All,

    Well, the “too many redirects” problem NOW looks like it was caused by me having a folder on the server named /sputtering-systems.

    Because the problem came back after I created such a folder, and disappeared after I renamed it.


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