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  • Resolved Sebastian Cork


    As the topic title suggests, the two plugins fail to work alongside one another.

    Steps taken:

    1. Activate Admin Management Xtended
    2. Activate Codepress Admin Columns
    3. Configure ‘Admin Columns’ settings to liking (sort, hide/show)
    4. Review results of changes

    Expected results:

    1. Admin columns for Posts should display the correct columns in the configured order
    2. Post meta should be editable from the list screen via Admin Management Xtended without any issues

    Version of plugins being used:

    Admin Management Xtended 2.2.8
    Codepress Admin Columns 1.4.1



    Additional notes:

    I thought it might help to include the follow-up screen capture (3) of what occurs when AWX has been deactivated. Notice the swapping of the column order, the insertion of the Post Order column and, the Title column reappears as well.

    Also, from what I can tell, AWX is hooked on the Actions, Post Order, Categories and Tags columns as denoted by the message “Enhanced by Admin Management Xtended Plugin 2.2.8” that is set in the title attribute for those columns.

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  • Update: Apparently, if you press Save on the Admin Column Settings page once more after having activated Admin Management Xtended then the defect presented in my first screen capture is removed.

    However, if you deactivate AMX following this, you’ll find that there are two instances of the Categories and Tags columns in addition to the ones for Actions and Post Order.

    View post on

    By again, pressing the Save button on the Admin Column Settings page, you can somewhat rectify this issue. I use the term somewhat because the remaining Categories and Tags columns are moved to the beginning of the columns table—sort is lost.

    In short, the custom changes for sorting the columns are being lost, additional columns appear when they should not and redundant columns may get left behind.

    I didn’t mind running tests because I can imagine how much work the developers have put into these plugins. Hopefully, the information I’ve shared can be made of use.

    Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for taking the time for this extensive bug report. I will have a look at this and post my findings here.


    I think I found what the problem was here.

    Admin Management Xtended will add 4 additional columns to the admin-screen ( categories, tags, actions and post order) and it will remove 2 native columns( categories and tags). Note that the name is the same for the last 2 columns but they are actually added columns.

    The new columns are shown on the Admin Column Settings page. When you click Save than these columns will be used. But when you deactivate AMX, the native columns (categories and tags) are be restored – like they should. The additional columns from AMX will also remain, but you can solve this by clicking ‘Save’ again (like you explained).

    It is kind of working as intended, the only thing is that it would have been nice if the additional columns that are set by 3rd party plugins (like AMX) would be removed by Codepress Admin Columns when a plugin is deactivated. I am not really sure if this is possible, but I will put this on the list of features.

    I think plugins work pretty well together. You only need to save the settings of Codepress Admin Column when you deactivate AMX.

    I hope my explanation makes sense 🙂

    Tobias [ Signature moderated. ]

    Thanks Tobias. I appreciate the time you’ve given to look into the matter. Indeed, the identified conflict is probably small enough to overlook and one could just hit the save button after deactivating other plugins that modify the columns. Likely or hopefully, a person won’t be making changes to the columns too often to meet an inconvenience.

    If it can be resolved all the better, but if not, that’s fine also. 🙂

    Once again, thanks for your time.

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