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  • Hello there,

    I can’t think of anything I changed on my end but I noticed that the post content was not being loaded anymore when I had both the Ad Injection plugin and the Supercache plugin both enabled.

    If I disabled one of the other, the content was working again.

    I’m using the latest versions of each plugin.

    Any idea why this may be happening?

    Here is the debug information:

    <!--Ad Injection mfunc mode ad include code-->
    Ad Injection in-content injections complete!
    No random ad defined in any of the ad code boxes
    Content length=1396 (words) Raw character length=12536 Paragraph count=8
    Top ad paragraph: 0
    Bottom ad paragraph: 8
    1st Injected random ads range starts at: 4, and ends at: 8
    2nd Injected random ads range starts at: 4, and ends at: 7
    Injected ads at: 4 5
    random ads start=middleparaforward - paragraph - 1
    random ads end=anywhere - paragraph - 20 fromstart
    posttype=post ( single)
    currentdate=1366911696 (15820.7372222)
    postdate=1361536250 (15758.521412)
    injection mode=mfunc


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  • this happened to me too. After updating one of the plugins (can’t remember which, supercache or ad injection) about 12 hours ago.
    Didn’t even notice that the body posts are missing at first,
    because I set cache to disable if logged in.

    OK, interesting. So it sounds like an issue other people may run into as they update these plugins.

    For now I’ve had to keep supercache disabled.

    Yes me too. Disabled the cache.

    The Supercache author has commented on the conflict and wanted the link to his site mentioned here.

    To the plugin author: according to the supercache author, mfunc is considered obsolete and isn’t supported anymore.

    Do you have plans to update Ad Injection to find another way around cached websites?

    Found exactly the same conflict with the new version of WP Super Cache (V 1.3.2). Terrible shame, since Ad Injection is such a great plugin.

    Same issue.

    After extensive testing, I can confirm that (unless there’s a workaround that I haven’t found), Ad Injection and WP Super Cache 1.3.2 don’t work in harmony on my site.

    One of the plug-ins needs to be deactivated in order to see post bodies. Can anyone suggest a fix, even a temporary one?

    I got it to work like this:

    On the Advanced tab in WP Supercache:

    1. Switch to PHP to serve cache files.

    2. Click Update Status.

    3. Switch back to mod-rewrite.

    4. Click Enable Dynamic Caching.

    5. Click Update Status.

    6. Go to Contents tab.

    7. Click the Delete Expired Button and the Delete Cache button.

    This is all happening because the WP Super Cache update turned off dynamic caching, and Ad Injection won’t work.

    @jimlynch. Good step-by-step. I’ll try it. In the meantime, I’ve temporarily installed W3 Total Cache. But that might create other issues.

    Oh goodness, get rid of W3 Total Cache. I hate that extension, it screwed up my databases and left a mess behind. HostGator took care of it for me, but I would never use it again.

    Searching for an alternative to the Ad Injection plugin, I found “Ads by” which offers a Javascript option for creating dynamic content. It is user-friendly for the non-expert.

    @jimlynch that one works for me! thanks!

    You are very welcome, ree. Glad to hear it worked for you.

    @jimlynch, thanks!
    You saved my life Lol

    I was hopeful that @jimlynch‘s trick would work for me, but sadly, no. With WP Super Cache 1.3.2 and Ad Injector enabled, my posts are mangled. The symptom is that sections of the posts are removed or posts are merged.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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