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    First if you have issues you should ask support and not give 1 star, this is very unfair and hurt us, specially for free and so new plugins.

    Very sorry on trouble, we investigate a bit and trouble is not in our plugin but erp plugin didn’t code by wp standards.

    issue is in file:

    \wp-content\plugins\erp\modules\hrm\includes\functions-reporting.php on line 334

    they didn’t prefix function and also didn’t check if function exists and that caused issues:

    function is_valid_date

    So is not fair by you to rate our plugin with 1 star when issue is actually with other plugin.

    I will report this now to er plugin devs via support.

    Please change your review, this really hurt us and causing lot of troubles to us.

    If your issue persists, please open support ticket we will be always happy to help you.

    You are welcome!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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