• IT would appear that since the latest update my double optin option was changed to single optin, also all of my newsletters stopped being sent out, including notifications. When looking at the audience section of the plugin it would also seem there is no option to send emails unconfirmed subscriptions

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    Sorry for the inconvenience you had.

    Just want to update you that we have released a new version of Email Subscribers (4.0.2) which should fix all the issues which you are facing.

    Request you to upgrade to ES 4.0.2 and let us know how it goes.

    4.02 fixes nothing for me. Still won’t send post notifications. Headings are NOT intuitive, no matter how much you try to defend them for being consistent with your other plugins. FORMS is a blank page. I would like to roll back to the 3.x version, but your instructions require losing all form letter formatting that took us quite awhile to construct and to test. It would also delete the recipient list, and your instructions don’t warn to back it up. Clearly you are new to this and should quickly hire a seasoned programmer to help you through this difficult spot that you’re only making worse for us yourself. Thank you!

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    I am getting the same issues too, the latest update appears to have not fixed the issue

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    Having any luck with v4.02? I see some changes, but post-notification is still broken. That would seem to be the most important feature, yet the developer seems to regard it last (if at all).

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    Seems to be the same for me, post notification is not sending out anything when a new article is published, also I have lost the ability to manage subscribers, for example re-sending confirmation emails for double opt-in subscribers

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    @wfieldhouse, @avidtrader: Can you please confirm the emails are not sending out even after an hour? Try opening your Cron URL (you can locate it under Settings for the plugin) in a new browser tab. See if that dispatches emails.

    If emails are still not sending, please try sending a test email from Settings. And let us know if you are using any SMTP / email service plugin.

    Sorry for the troubles, we want to resolve all problems at the earliest, so the more information we can get, the better.

    Post Notification e-mails eventually sent according to report (CRON takes forever), but all bounced back as 505 error – potential spam, including the one to MY OWN email address (before you say that email addresses were probably invalid).

    No response to Cron.
    Test email (found in Tools) was delivered fine.
    When will this be fixed please?


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    test email works but all other issues still remain, I have rolled back to the latest working version as a workaround

    I have the same problem (post notifications not sent), and similarly get {“status”:”SUCCESS”,”es_remaining_email_count”:0,”message”:”NOTIFICATION_NOT_FOUND”} when visiting the URL specified at Settings > Email Sending > Cron URL.

    OK, I’ve now updated from 4.0.2 to 4.0.4 and this seems to have fixed the problem. Message is now {“status”:”SUCCESS”,”es_remaining_email_count”:”0″,”total_emails_sent”:25,”message”:”EMAILS_SENT”} (which presumably replaces the previous confirmation email to administrator).

    Not here. After updating to v4.0.4 and visiting Cron URL, this is the result:

    This should be a case study for how NOT to roll out an update. At least some benefit to the fiasco.

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