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  • This may be a small feature request, but it’s a big one for us. I run a gaming blog where we have 20-30 posts a day. We clean out our drafts every now and then and we use the checkbox for selecting all drafts and hit the ‘Delete’ button. Sometimes it does the delete and other times it doesn’t. Either way, instead of bringing you back to the ‘Drafts’ tab under the ‘Manage’ section, it takes you to ‘All Posts’ (the default of the Manage section). There’s no confirmation message that it deleted any drafts and it’s hard to know which page you’re still on after it’s supposedly done the delete.

    A couple times our editors have done the select all checkbox again and hit delete, only this time they’re on the ‘All Posts’ tab and not the ‘Drafts’ tab. So we end up deleting quite a few posts in one fell swoop. It would be nice if there was not only a delete confirmation popup/screen, but also if you’re editing/deleting drafts, it should stay on that tab.

    Thanks so much!

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