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    I am using Paid memberships pro Version 1.5.7
    My problem is after someone makes a purchase through paypal express, the confirmation page will display:

    Invoice # on January 1, 1970

    Account: ()
    Membership Level: Test Level

    Payment Method Membership Level Total Billed

    And so the actual invoice is not displayed. The user does receive his membership, additionally, I can see the invoice in the memberpage of the user.

    Thus, it appears that something is not being communicated, because the invoice # is not being displayed on the confirmation page after a payment.

    I am contemplating just removing the invoice from this page in the PHP. Perhaps someone can help me solve this though, and keep the invoice in the confirmation page

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  • IrCYop


    When I try dumping the $pmpro_invoice->code all I get is null.

    I’ve tried reinstalling as well.

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Sorry this is happening. I can’t reproduce this in 1.5.8, so maybe try upgrading.

    It’s possible it’s something specific to your level setup or hosting environment.

    Can you tell me how your level is setup? What’s the initial payment, recurring payment, expiration, etc, etc? How is your site hosted? Which hosting company? Linux or Windows? Any other special hosting settings or other plugins you are running?

    Is the user account setup? Does the user have the membership level ordered? Is it setup in PayPal?



    I have the same issue, using 1.5.8. Hosted on linux, no other plugins running, WordPress 3.5.

    The details:

    Gateway: PayPal Express
    Initial Payment: $0.10 (just testing live environment)
    Recurring: 0

    The payment is correctly processed by PMP, and when you go to the account management (as the user) the correct invoice is there. Membership level is assigned correctly as well.

    Could it be the lag between PayPal <IPN> Server?

    EDIT: Also tested it with $20 just to make sure, same result

    This problem persists through version It seems to occur if you have a subscription with $0 up front but reoccurring thereafter. I narrowed it down to an issue with pages/confirmation.php around line 22:

    <?php if($pmpro_invoice) { ?>

    Since there’s an $pmpro_invoice object, but no real invoice data (since nothing was charged), all the required echoed output is null. I changed it to this and so far so good:

    <?php if($pmpro_invoice->code) { ?>

    I spoke too soon. Although this address what is displayed, the resulting membership email has the same issue. We’ll have to hunt down where that gets fired and probably apply the same sort of fix. I suspect it will be the same. I’ll report back if I can track it down.

    Ok the fix for the email is similar. In classes/class.pmproemail.php around line 373 change:


    and around line 439 change:

    elseif(pmpro_isLevelFree($user->membership_level) || $invoice && !$invoice->code)

    This is probably more of a workaround since it might be better to establish another template that would display the reoccurring payment amount, but it’ll at least get things up and running for now until a better solution is identified.

    Hi All,

    I’m not able to replicate this on my test environment using the latest version 1.7.2. Have you upgraded to the latest version?

    We’re looking into a couple of other things with invoices but we’re not running into this issue and we’re unable to replicate it on our end.

    Thank You,

    Hi All,

    We’re going to resolve this ticket soon. Are you still encountering these issues?


    Hi All,

    Ticket is now marked as resolved.


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