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  • Same here, even keeping the confirmation email short as this…

    <a style="color: #dedede;" href="*|SP:CONFIRMLINK|*">*|SP:CONFIRMLINK|*</a>

    goes to the front page with sendpress key and does not redirect either to the default confirmation page nor to a custom page. Additionally, the suscriber is not confirmed.

    [Can’t edit previous post :-?]

    UPDATE: I’ve tested this behaviour continues with all plugins deactivated (except for Sendpress) and default “eleven” theme applied, apache httpd restarted, IE9 displays error page, Firefox nothing at all, Chrome just a blank page. I’m going to enable WP_DEBUG to search for errors.

    PHP Version: 5.4.10
    MySQL Version: 5.0.96-community-log

    Plugin Author Josh Lyford


    We have seen some issues with MySQL 5.0 but have not yet found the exact cause. If you find anything please let us know.

    Also looking at the code you will need to add in the * to the link: <a href="*|SP:CONFIRMLINK|*">confirmation</a>

    If either of you wanted to provide a link so i can sign up. I would like to take a look at the generated email.


    Hi Josh,
    Sorry, before I put the code wrong.
    I have this:
    <a href="*|SP:CONFIRMLINK|*">confirmation</a>
    but does not work.

    If you want you can sign up here:
    at the right sidebar.


    Thanks Josh for your quick reply. I was investigating the issue while upgrading Mysql to 5.1.68 and found the problem.

    In the confirmation email text for the href inside anchor and text within anchors tags is not the same, which surprises me…

    <a style="color: #dedede;" href="*|SP:CONFIRMLINK|*">*|SP:CONFIRMLINK|*</a>

    outputs TWO different codes in ?sendpress= URL get key

    I tried to copy the text of the second CONFIRMLINK, the one inside tags, and it successfully confirm the user and redirects to intended page.

    Hope it helps,


    Plugin Author Josh Lyford


    Hi Aitor,

    Thanks for the update. I will take a look at how we generate the code and add this to our bug list.

    Thanks again for testing and finding the issue.


    You welcome, Josh. The link will not be properly formed if the custom tag *|SP:CONFIRMLINK|* is parsed inside an anchor tag. In fact, the default suscription template outputs it in plain text.

    So far the only way to confirm a subscription is to copy/paste the given link on the email. As I really need to fix this I’ve searched for that string replace in your plugin code.

    I think that the code, when into a link in html body is encrypted twice. By how you process this in func send_optin, it seems that the code is first generated and encrypted by the function to be sent later, and then again in html(), as it is considered a link (e.g. twitter or facebook links in the footer are also encrypted automatically). Make sense to track clicks.

    However until a new release of Sendpress I will try to prevent certain links (for example, with a certain class atribute) to be reencoded in the html() foreach loop 🙂

    All right 😀 solved with a quick and dirty fix, adding wrapping to *|SP:CONFIRMLINK|* so it becomes a properly formed link and a new tag for still displaying an easy copy and paste text

    $html = $message->html();
    // two types of href activation link
    $hreflink = '<a href="'.$href.'">'.$href.'</a>';
    $hreftext = $href;
    // replace the tags in html body, cptext for copy-paste
    $html = str_replace("*|SP:CONFIRMLINK|*", $hreflink , $html );
    $html = str_replace("*|SP:CPTEXT|*", $hreftext , $html );
    $sub =  $message->subject();

    Thanks Aitor and Josh, but I dont underestand what I have to do. I copy and paste this code where?
    (Sorry, my english is not very good. Aitor: do you speak basque or spanish?)

    Kaixo Tzita!

    Tienes que modificar el archivo plugins/sendpress/classes/class-sendpress-manager.php, bien por FTP o con el editor de plugins en el panel de control de tu wordpress. ¿Tienes conocimientos de PHP? ¿Y de cambiar archivos por FTP?

    Envíame un correo a aroza EN infinitum PUNTO es (la pongo así para que no se muestre completa, cambia EN y PUNTO por la arroba y el punto) y te echo una mano 😉

    Plugin Author Josh Lyford


    Hi All,

    0.9.2 should support this setup now. i add some checks for the confirmlink

    <a href="*|SP:CONFIRMLINK|*">confirmation</a>


    Great, Josh! Thanks for paying attention to this issue and giving support. Really appreciated.

    The plugin is rock solid. But I would like to suggest other improvements that could interest you. Should I submit to your team by creating another thread?



    Plugin Author itdoug


    I would recommend submitting something to user voice.

    But if you would prefer to email us, you can send something to hello at sendpress dot com.


    I just installed and did a basic setup of SendPress. I received the email with the confirmation link, clicked on the link, and get a 404 error page. Any ideas?

    Plugin Author itdoug


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