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    Hi Nate !
    I’m sorry but there is something wrong with the email notification. Some guest told me that they don’t receive confirmation. So I have made test with differents email adresses and if the email adress is : it’s OK but if the email adress is : the plugin don’t send confirmation to the guest… Why there is this problem ? How can I fix it ?
    Thanks a lot !

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  • Plugin Author NateWr


    Hi Lycia,

    That sounds like you’re getting blocked by spam filters. There are many things that can cause this, the most common being:

    1. Your email server has a bad reputation.

    2. The content of your emails is causing some recipient servers to flag them as spam.

    3. Conflicts with your email server configuration is causing your emails to look suspicious.

    You’ll need to explore this issue further with your web host. If you pass the date and time of an email that should have been received but wasn’t, your web host should be able to look at their email logs to see if an email was sent. If it was, but it was blocked by the recipient server, they’ll often receive a return notice with more details about why it was blocked.

    Hello Nate !

    Thank you for your answer. I have just spend a lot of time by phone, to find the problem, with my host and also with my supllier… All is allright with them… So, I have made another test via the Contact Form : no problem … However, with the booking form (Restaurant Reservation), the problem is sticky… I receive mail notification on my but nothing on my
    It is not spam because I receive all the other email from the website adress if they don’t come via the plugin Reservation. Do I am the one in this case ? Do you think it could be something in the PHP code ?
    If you want to try a reservation test :
    Thanks a lot !

    Plugin Author NateWr


    Hi Lycia,

    Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do to help you except try to point you in the right direction. There are many things that can cause this issue, but to diagnose which one is happening you’ll need assistance from your web host.

    They should be able to look at your outgoing email logs to determine if the mail headers are appropriate for your server configuration. Furthermore, they’re the only ones who might receive a notice explaining why is dropping the emails. Sometimes, if the content of an email is considered spam or blocked for some other reason, the recipient server will return a delivery failed notice with details. Only your web host will be able to retrieve that.

    If you want to explore the technical details further, I included more information at the bottom of this support request:

    Maybe this helps.. I had the same problem wit a restaurant that customers with a hotmail account didnt received the notifications’. It’s hard to blaim someone if you haven’t got the evidence of who to blaim. What i did: I created an account (free) on Sendgrid. then if you put in the mail who sends the notifications you can follow the whole process of what is being sent and what is failing and what the cause of failing is. That way I was able to find out that Hotmail uses a spamfilter based on titles. So you will know exactly where the issue is. Also had a customer claiming that they didn’t receive the confirmation but based on Sendgrid i saw that the mail was delivered. It seemed that it landed in his spamfolder. So very useful

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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