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  • I’m manually adding a ton of users, and I’m planning on activating them en mass. Is there any way to have the auto-generated email include the username? Otherwise I have to send out close to 100 individual emails to give my users their login information. That … would be tedious and prone to mistakes.

    I know it’s possible (generally speaking) to use “shortcodes” as placeholders for inputs – one of the plugins I’m using does it. But does WP Core offer that for the “Confirm User Registration”–>”Settings”->Confirm User Registration Settings:E-mail Notification? I’d like the body of the message to read something like this:

    You account has been approved by an administrator!
    Your user name is [username]. Your password has been sent separately.
    Log in @

    This message is auto generated

    [username] would be the “placeholder” for whatever username is associated with the email address the message generator is using. Does anyone know if WPCore has this ability, and, if so, where I can find a list of placeholder codes?

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