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[Resolved] Confilict with Lightbox Plus ColorBox?

  • Hello there,
    Seems like I am experiencing some js conflict – when I enable Lightbox Plus ColorBox plugin (v 2.6) the gravatar image does not get populated, instead code generated is:
    <div class="ts-fab-avatar"><img alt="my-page-slug-here"><div class="ts-fab-social-links">...

    I am using a Version and this issue is only affecting the page on which Lightbox is used while through the site author info loads just fine.Links and icons to social media are ok.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the help.


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  • Plugin Author Dragan Nikolic


    Seems like there’s multitude of javascript errors on every page, even on those that load Fancier Author Box properly.


    Have you tried contacting lightbox developers about these issues. Our developer will also take a look.

    Hi Dragan,
    Thanks for getting back to me. No, this was my first attempt and despite the errors all other plugins work. To be honest this user runs a design (read jquery) heavy theme with a lot of plugins but none have failed in their functions nor interfered so far.

    I will check with the lightbox developers as well.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Slobodan Manic



    Any ideas on what’s changing image alt tag to page slug? It’s not supposed to show page slug at all.

    Hi Slobodan,
    Not really I just noticed the html that was generated. The only thing that lightbox is used for is to load images into groups and it works fine so I can’t really ask much from the developers on their side. I would hate to have to get rid of either of the plugins…

    Thank you again.

    Hi there,
    Just following up…anything that stands out as a possible fix?

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Slobodan Manic


    Sorry about the delay.

    I don’t think this has to do with lightbox plugin, but there is something that completely changes gravatar image.

    Is there anything else on your site (theme, another plugin) that could hook into get_avatar and change its output? I wish be of more help to you identifying the cause, but first thing I’d look for would be a plugin that has avatar or gravatar in its name.

    Plugin Author Slobodan Manic


    I just tested the same combination of plugins (Fancier Author Box + Lightbox Plus Colorbox) locally and had no issues.

    Thank you Slobodan,
    I went with the same line of thought…disabled gravatar plugins and no luck. Only when I disable the lightbox do things go back to normal.
    On the other hand, many of the plugins used have some jQuery use (including the Elegant theme used) so this might be a deeper rabbit whole.

    Thanks for looking into this and confirming that the two plugins do not conflict on their own. I will explore other avenues.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Slobodan Manic


    Sorry I can’t be of more help.

    Just to share an update and what fixed the issue…oddly and to no logic at all, I enabled lighbox per page only (no change since the jquery loads the same) then deleted the original page and then re-crated it with the same slug/url and it worked. Go figure.

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Slobodan Manic


    No idea why that would happen, but really glad you solved it.

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