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  • Hi. Thanx Otto for the nice plugin. I wish it is easier to integrate into WordPress Network (Multisite) sites.

    1- I installed the plugin on my Network where sub sites are on directories NOT SUBDOMAINS. From the Network plugins menu, I went to the plugin’s Settings. Put my app ID and Secret, then the modules showed up. I selected Login, Allow FB to Comment, and Integrate FB comments.

    While I am logged out, I loaded my main blog in the network, and another sub site, but no login buttons or FB comments appeared.
    Knowing that entering the plugin’s settings in the main blog, takes me actually to the same configuration path that the plugin’s settings link in the Netwoek plugins menu lead me to.

    2- So if I want to enable it for the main blog, what should I do other than that?

    3- Does configuring the plugin in the main blog’s settings apply the same configs in the sub blogs?

    4- If not, am I really supposed to config the plugin for each individual site??

    5- If yes, I am certainly not willing to do that. I simply want to allow the readers of the sub blogs to comment with their Facebook accounts.. I DONT want the Facebook Comments system integrated in my comments system.
    I am surprised why there isnt a plugin that simply recognizes when a logged-in Facebook user comes to the page, and just loads his information automatically in the NATIVE commenting box allowing him to comment with his account.
    I wish there is something like that.
    So, what to do ?

    Thanx if you are still reading lol

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    – It works fine on multisite, but has to be individually configured in each blog. You can use define statements in the wp-config if you want to do the APPID and SECRET bits across the whole site automatically. See the readme.txt file. Even so, you’d still need to turn on the appropriate modules for each blog.

    – The Facebook Comments Replacement thingy is not supported by SFC at all, in any way. SFC augments the built in comment system with the Connect with Facebook button instead.

    – There is no possible way to get a user’s FB information without them first clicking a button and approving that information transfer first. They *must* give approval at some point before that information can be retrieved. This can be a one-time approval, which is how SFC does it.

    Thank you Otto. I know it has to have permission, and I my question assumed the visitor already approved it, and I was referring to the next visits.

    You said it works fine. Yet as I explained, I couldn’t have the login buttons appear in or around the commenting box. What am I missing?
    See here this is the main blog:

    I should again ask the qusetion that concerns me: When a Facebook user visits my site and sees the Facebook login button and clicks it, and approves association.. will he be able to post a comment using the native WordPress commenting system as usual, and the comment will appear coming from his FB accounr, or what?
    Does he have to register or not?

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    Login and commenting are two separate modules. A logged in user doesn’t get presented with the name/email/url boxes, it already knows who they are. An anon user can have the FB button next to their comment boxes if you enable the comments module (and allow anon comments, of course).

    Okay, thank you. But again I am still not able to tell why the FB login button is not showing up in the comments section, where is it supposed to appear?

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    If you’re not using the normal comment_form() function to display the comments form (like it’s hardcoded in your theme), then you need to change your form to have a few lines of code so it can display the button. See the readme.txt for info on how to do this.

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