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  • Installed Apache>Working.
    Installed MySQL>Working.
    Installed Filezilla> Working, but we’ll get to what isn’t in a moment.
    Dl’d installed current >Working.

    Let me first say I am reluctantly posting. I like to try and sort things out on my own. So far, I’ve manage ‘almost’ everything. Taken great amounts of time to read>all Filezilla’s Wiki’s. Their forums. Watched countless Youtube vids. Google searched endlessly. Etc.. And happy to say learned a good deal. Just not enough. ‘Cause…

    I’m stuck.

    I installed WordPress to my own computer as I’m new to this and before launching into hosted servers and having unfinished work on the internet, I want to see how I enjoyed using WP. Play a bit and so on. I love it. (I read in a Filezilla topic a question: Why would the topic poster install to their own computer? Well, this, is my reason for doing so and hope that answers the same question from others.

    My problem:

    I have done something not right from the “Edit” users area withing the Admin of Filezilla.. I think. I have ‘root’ as user. That’s working fine. I discovered however, no matter what I do to upload a theme-it isn’t working.

    -I did, create a database for the theme in phpMyAdmin. (I don’t know if I need to do this for a theme. I had to create one to get WP installed so, I made one for the theme too.)

    -I note when I open Filezilla and get started>files which should appear on the right side, are not.

    So, back to the “Edit” area for Users in Filezilla Admin..

    I should be choosing a “Shared Folder” and also>(I think), another “Shared Folder”= wp-content-themes, added under the first.

    ??>WHAT should be that first listing/first “Shared Folder??” I’ve tried everything and still, when I go back into Filezilla. attempt an upload, those folders that ‘should’ appear for me to drag and drop the file I’d like to upload into, do not appear.

    I’m only guessing that’s the problem. I hope someone can confirm that and fill me in, correctly. Or.. Correct me, and fill me in.

    The next thing: When I enter the information for “Host” at the top inside Filezilla>will my local IP addy suffice? (We are not yet using ‘external’ IP as this is a local install and local hosting.)
    Should I enter something else? If I get the rest finally configured correctly, I’d like to make sure this is correct, as well.

    Should I be creating a folder/file under “Remote?” If so, what should it be named?

    When granting permissions to write, read, etc.: Would I do this for both the first and second shared folders in the “Edit” users Admin area for Filezilla? AND.. Would I also do this for the folder created under “Remote” within Filezilla? (If I needed to create one.)

    If you have any questions, please ask. I have ALL the information, lol. At least I hope I do. I should know where to look for it.. I’ve familiarized myself I think, fairly well enough.

    Thank you for reading. Any experienced guidance would be dearly appreciate.

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  • A few items:

    – what system are you using, Win, Mac, Linux?
    – you do NOT create anything in the DB for a theme 🙂
    – you do NOT need FileZilla (or any other FTP client) for a local install … just use your computer’s file manager (Windows Explorer or Finder (Mac))

    If you really “want” to use FTP locally, then yours are all FileZilla questions which should be asked on their forum 🙂

    I’m using, Win 7.

    No DB. Check. LOL. I thought so. It was just my logic at the time since I needed it to install WP. But thank you. I won’t be doing it again.

    No. You’re right. For WP local install it is not necessary. But. If you want to upload themes, yes. You can’t just copy and paste them into the themes folder. For local install, you also need a server and MySQL.

    I did post in Filezilla’s forum, as well. Check.

    They have helped me. They too confirmed it was not necessary to create a DB for a theme. Also, that using ‘localhost/localhost physical IP’ is the right thing to use within Filezilla for, “Host.”

    Now, if someone could just tell me what the first shared folder should be when configuring Filezilla’s Adimn., >>Edit users>>and next to Add user is “Page” with four options. One, being Shared Folder. I don’t know that Filezilla will be able to answer that. But who knows. Another WP user cursing the forums, might.

    You cannot select Shared Folder and navigate to wp-content-themes, alone. That, will only produce a error message. You must have another shared folder selected. What is the other folder? That, is my one of my remaining questions. If I can get that sorted out. I’ll be a good deal further along.

    All my questions can be asked here as well. The only difference is that I’m not using WP live via my own server, therefore, don’t need to use external IP. This is all local. Anyone who uses WP should know all of this. I’ve been using it for about 3 days, and I now know this.

    Thank you for responding. I do appreciate it.

    You can’t just copy and paste them into the themes folder.

    You most certainly can 🙂 (unZIP them first though)

    But why not just install them from the WP Dashboard?

    Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme > browse to your theme ZIP file and “upload” it > Activate if you want to use it 🙂

    I will try it, again. It wouldn’t work the first few times I’ve already tried. But what the heck. I’ll give it another shot.

    I don’t give up that easy, lol.

    Cheers. 🙂

    Oh. But still..

    My Remaining Questions (Future reference.)

    When assigning Shared Folders from Filezilla Admin, are both assigned the same privileges to write, copy, delete etc.? Or do we just provide one Shared Folder such privileges.

    When using Filezilla to transfer files is a folder required to be made for “Remote?” If so, is there a particular ‘standard’ folder type/name for doing this. What would that be?

    If we’ve created a folder for “Remote,” do we assign that folder write permissions as we did for Shared folders. And. What would those permissions standards be?

    If there is someone who likes to import themes or builds websites for others.. Do you know what the first Shared Folder should be in Filezilla’s Admin.? If so, please share.

    Thanks again. 🙂

    Nope. Zipped files will not upload. I know there is a function button for WP to provide such a service. But it will not work.

    TBH. I have read countless topics in the forum of people who can’t get this working. So, +1 on that

    Neither will, unzipping and placing them into a folder @ wp-content-themes…

    Looks like Filezilla is required after all.


    If you unzip them first make sure the folder structure is correct like:
    /wp-content/themes/theme-name/files (and folders)

    —->files (files and folders)


    —–>files (files and folders)

    It could be when you are unzipping you are copying the wrong folder structure over.

    As the other person said you should also be able to upload a .zipped theme using the WordPress admin dashboard too.

    If for some reason you can’t check your php (and apache config) to make sure it’s configured properly to allow this.

    I have never used an ftp client like filezilla on a windows localhost setup. I just copy and paste files/folders.

    Folders appear in the remote section when connected to a remote server with login details (ip/domain, port number, user, password). The remote server you connect to would have a ftp server configured in order for you to connect to it. On a local windows setup you don’t need to connect remotely because you already have access to all the files and folders on your computer in windows. You just copy, paste, extract, whatever you want.

    OH! No wonder! @gameutopia “On a local windows setup you don’t need to connect remotely…”

    Here I was wondering why that part was not looking like everyone elses in pics or vids. For some reason I was associating the Apache server with, Filezilla. I knew it wasn’t ‘really’ remote (hosted elsewhere), but the “server” inclusion in all of this, tilted my thinking.

    Back to this copy and paste: Okay. So, I think the problem is my set up of folders. I’ll follow how you’ve indicated and see how this goes.

    What a pain this has been time wise, lol.

    We should have a forum section for WP, hosted. AND. WP, on local. Complete with all the information in ‘one place’. Screenshots and vid/links included.

    I swear it would cut down the amount of questions on these issues, alone.

    Waits for someone to say we have that.*

    Thank you, I’ll give it another go. 🙂

    If you are just wanting a simple setup to test WordPress and develop locally to see how things work then you can do a Google search for:

    It is free, and comes with Apache, MySQL, PHP, WordPress and the database all ready to use.

    I use a bit more complex setup that I have personally programmed, but instantwordpress is great and a good route for the beginner.

    Another good “painless” option is Bitnami.

    Click on the Installer button (top right), then in the download pop up, click the “No thanks, just take me to the download” link to get the download. Once downloaded, run the installer and follow the instructions. Very easy to set up 🙂

    Waits for someone to say we have that.*

    Yep, and that is where you posted … in Localhost Installs (local, on your own computer) 😉

    SheeseLousie. Where were you a week ago? Hahaha.

    That’s brilliant! That is exactly what just about anyone (non guru speak types like me), need.

    One of these days, when I get much farther along. I am going to make a proper ‘follow along’ for newcomers. I dislike seeing people struggle. WP is beautiful itself, to use. It’s all the other goodies one believes is needed to get going that’s tricky. Making things easier such as a separate forum for something like-my suggestion seems kinda..handy. Including, a link you’ve pointed out. Would ultimately make people fall in love with WP, all the more.

    I can’t imagine why they didn’t think of that. Concentrating too hard on guru’s, not so much on non gurus. Me thinks. When, in fact the WP was designed by the look and experience of it, for both. It’s toted in that way for the most part. Why not follow through? Let people who aren’t all that savvy enjoy the experience, with easy to follow information like I’ve suggested?

    Also…Um. I think, it has something to do with ‘hosting’. There’s a lot of push for hosting. Somewhere there must be a corresponding link between the two. We’ll all eventually get a host for our website. Pushing it out of the box is too involved for a good many people. Step-by-step is our logical and natural hope of approaching something new, like this. Not that ‘I’ve seen’ WP doing that specifically, that I can recall… But again, there must be some ‘friendship’..somewhere. So many people have wanted to do what I am doing (albeit much easier like..your link provided). But are continually told it isn’t possible. (I got my information of local hosting from a link provided by a member in these forums.) But..One person out of what seems like gazillions ‘in the know’ is fairly, unbalanced.

    Uh..Actually, that would now make two people, ‘in the know’. More should share in that way. IMHO. 😉

    Come along, WP. It’s time to grow up. 🙂

    Thank you both very much for your time, kindness and very helpful information.


    You shouldn’t have to make a child of your work before updating WP, either. What a tremendous amount of work.

    We should be able to simply backup/archive our sites. Install a new Version and upload the the backup. Backup install=auto overlay.

    That’s it.

    Why all the complicated jargon to do a simple task?

    It’s off-putting and fills the forums full of questions. As it is, fairly involved. Maybe not for WP gurus but for others, yes.

    All that talent in writing this program for both types of users, and skipping something so simple.

    Bumps brows.* Blinks.*

    Because its actually fairly complicated – you have server configurations (Apache, nginx, IIS) to deal with, you have databases (not always MySQL), you have different versions of WordPress and with different plugins and themes – you’re best off making a “snapshot” from the server side and not directly from WordPress.

    And I’d argue this is something the host should provide. That being said, I do think WordPress can do a better job of making itself more “transportable” – i.e. make it easier to move it from server to server, data and files.

    Oh. No. I had meant WP. Not the host.

    Glad you agree.

    And thank you too, ninerniner. I hadn’t seen your post, before I posted. :/ Sorry. I was actually addressing gameutopia, in my “SheeshLousie” post

    Butta.. That’s not the ‘kinda’ install forum local or otherwise, I meant. Where are the screen shots? The vids? The step-by-step? It’s all questions. And LOADS of them.
    Also, I didn’t mention anything about a host in that post? I did mention “WP,” twice.

    Whateves. The point is: Brilliant minds are skipping a few important, details.

    I’ll hazard a guess even more people would use WP if they didn’t see nothing but questions. I put off using it for AGES. Between all the writers, writing script for various widgets, plugins, themes.. And nothing but frustrated people in topics everywhere…It’s a jungle. I mean, to top it off- I’m not paying anyone 90 + bux for a theme and know nothing about..them. Their capabilities. It might look okay, but.. I highly doubt they ‘all’ are. Then what? I’m out of pocket. That’s what. ‘Cause they’ll just come back to the poor n00b and tell ’em in some wild language enough to confound anyone not so savvy, it’s their fault.

    No. No, no.

    Be my guest. But not me.

    I’ll test it long before I’ll commit to buying anything. If that option isn’t available. They can’t believe in their own product, that much.

    As for WP. C’mon. Reach a ‘lil. You’ve developed something tremendous. Make it all the more user friendly. AND by providing those helpful topics, you’ll cut forum questions and frustrations down. Increase, users. Knock off the make a child blah, blah, blah. Which is just more aggravation. Adds more questions and a new frustration level. It isn’t necessary. We have the technology=beautiful thinking minds. It is, possible. Think outside the screen.

    Make more, happy people.

    How ’bout that?

    Just food for thought.

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