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  • Yes, I’ve read the documentation page.

    If I want to Disable All Updates, the doc says that drop the line of code in wp-config.php and theme’s function.php

    But what about all the other options — such as the option to specifically enable development (nightly) updates — which file(s) does that code go into?

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  • Your theme’s functions.php file.

    Interesting. Why? Why would controlling the updates of WordPress go in a theme function.php file?

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    You can just download Disable All Updates.

    Or you can create your own little plugin and paste the code into its own PHP file (see the WordPress codex on how to author plugins for best practices). Then just enable the plugin. This will work across different themes as well as WordPress updates. However if they change how to code things in a future WordPress update, you may also need to update said plugin to match the changes (i.e. some functions get deprecated and removed from WordPress core and you may need to update your plugin’s code to work with these changes).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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