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  • I work at a college that is bringing a WordPress installation online as our website. A company was hired to develop the site, with the content being loaded after development was finished. They have completed their work, but we apparently have a misconfiguration of our new server that is allowing the site to show and be accessed externally on the general internet, but is not available internally to our campus network (which is behind a firewall).

    The external site (at a 198.85. IP address) works fine and you can access the Dashboard and make changes. Internally, however, the server has a 10.99. address which loads the front page VERY slowly and leaves off the theme developed for the site. I can’t access the login page or dashboard from the campus network.

    WordPress was installed in a directory inside the /var/www install of Apache. It was not installed in the root /www. Is that part of the trouble?

    The new server is virtualized and is running the latest Ubuntu and Apache installs. We have tried modifying the Virtual Hosts file and putting both IP addresses in trying to get the server to provide the same data to both addresses but have been unsuccessful. Can someone point me to a resource that would help me understand how to set up our server correctly so it will provide the same content both inside our network and to the internet in general? We will move over the domain to the new server when we finish the setup of the WordPress site.

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  • I may have accidentally posted this in the wrong location. If so, please help me find the right place to ask the question.

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