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    Thanks for the great plug-in. I created 3 separate lists and saved them. They show up as available for a short period but after a short period of time I go back into the WP control panel and they are gone. If I go to configure a new list the default list is changed back to the original name. If I go and add a new list the fields I previously selected for list 2 are pulled up but the name is gone and the list is not showing. Any ideas why these disappear?

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  • Plugin Author anmari


    Are you 100% sure you are saving them ? There are two ‘update’ buttons on the main configure screen – one for the ‘kinda’ overview settings and one for the detailed configuration.

    Lists are all saved in a wordpress option. If they are well and truly saved, there is no way I know of that they could just disappear. Take it step by step, save each and every step. make small change, save, navigate away and then navigate back again.

    Avoid clicking any ‘reset’ buttons!

    The plugin does revert to defaults if it cannot find saved options. So only other thing I can think of might be that either the db or code is corrupted.

    Hi anmari and kirk_vantine,

    Just popping in to say that this seems to be exactly the same problem that I described in this post here. Anmari, I tried some of the suggestions you put forward in that post, but the problem is persisting. I do think it’s possible that there is something corrupt in the database, but I also think it’s interesting, checking in, that there is someone else encountering a similar problem. Do you think it’s possible that this is being caused by a conflict with another plugin?

    I don’t know if this is helpful at all, but I do want to add an observation. As with kirk_vantine, after a period of time all my customs lists disappear and list n=1 reverts to its default settings and reverts to the name User: Details. Interestingly: when I go to the “configure a list” page and click “add new,” the “new list” that comes up does so with all the field settings set exactly to what the settings were in the list that “disappeared.”

    In other words, whatever it may be that is missing up amr_users in the database end of things, it only removes a custom, new list from the list of lists but apparently leaves the settings intact.

    Also, kirk_vantine, are you running WordPress multisite by any chance?

    Further observation – again, not sure if this will help or what not, but: it seems that whenever this “reset” occurs, it ALSO resets everything under “General Settings.” I only noticed this because I had the “do not use the CSS provided” checkbox checked. It is unchecked by default. I noticed that this most recent time all my lists disappeared, this checkbox reverted to being unchecked.

    Plugin Author anmari


    Hi guys, I use the plugins on several online sites and of course have about 3 or 4 local test sites (normal, beta and bleeding edge) and have never had setting “reset”.

    There is a reset feature built in, but should only trigger if you are on a settings page and you actually click it. (it is next to the update button – maybe I should get rid of it!)

    The plugin does have default settings so if at any point it doesn’t or cannot find it’s options saved in the database, it will revert to the default settings (two lists etc).

    If it were my sites, I would
    1) check/repair my database (nb backup first)

    2) check the server log files to see if somehow you are hitting ‘reset’

    Plugin Author anmari


    Hi guys,

    my subconcious is still pondering how this unexpected reset might occur. I will probably change the form ‘reset’ value (or remove the option) in case there is some weird way that another plugin is clashing.

    Meanwhile it would be helpful to know whether you are running it on multi site and also whether you are using the add-on

    No reason that I can think of that it, or the lack of it would cause a problem, but if you both using it then it might be worth investigating that.

    Sorry for the delay. Yes, we are using multi site. We have about 30 subsites.

    It seems like eveytime I create a custom view it just resets.

    Plugin Author anmari


    Hi all, I played around and managed to get happen what I think you are referring to – was a clash between network admin and main site. Corrected – behaving itself on my test site, however years of experience have taught me that nothing like other setups to flush out some things.

    I suggest upgrade, then test a bit back and forth. If you see anything weird let me know.

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