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    Is it possible to configure this plugin such that all users can submit test transactions, not just admin?


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    Set WP_DEBUG to true and it will work for everyone.

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    @mickaelperrin : Would you mind explaining how to do that?

    Does that involve placing this in the functions.php?

    define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );

    Also – will normal functions on my website be affected because of this change?

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    @arthurlam1 Put in in wp-config.php.

    And yes, the impact of this settings is broader than this extension. It will activate a lot of logging / debugging infos. This is not intended to be used in production, but like this plugin I guess.

    Set WP_DEBUG to true and it will work for everyone.

    Could this behaviour be changed or made note of in the plugin?

    On the settings page for WC Order Test, it says:
    Only admin users will see this option on the checkout page.

    For WP_DEBUG to trigger it also is unexpected behaviour that unfortunately caught me off guard while trying to diagnose an issue today. WP_DEBUG can sometimes be enabled on production sites in tandem with WP_DEBUG_LOG and WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY for silent logging of errors.

    “100% off all orders while I troubleshoot an issue,” is certainly an interesting proposition! But having a specific debug constant for WC Order Test or some kind of ‘users who can use this’ control in admin would be fantastic… and save me some stress.

    Would be happy to do up a pull request.

    EDIT: Well, this has actually been a worthwhile discovery. Turns out @wpfixit have seemingly copied Sean Barton of Tortoise IT‘s plugin and republished it without crediting him. Really not in the spirit of the GPL license that he released it under.

    But what do you know, Sean’s original readme for the plugin said: “Adds a test payment gateway to WooCommerce available only to logged in administrators or when WP_DEBUG is enabled.”

    I’m just going to modify Sean’s plugin and start using that instead. -_-

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