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  • Is it possible to configure the teaser so that I can choose which section of the post is shown? For example, I may start a post with a “Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but…”, and then the second para starts the “real” content. So I would want the second para text to be the teaser.

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  • If by teaser you meant what is called in “WP lingo” excerpt – yes, you can.

    Although, not seeing your blog we don’t know what method are you using to get the “teasers”. More tag? the_excerpt?

    I thought the teaser and the excerpt were two different things?

    At the moment, whatever the default is, that’s what I’m using. What I’m talking about is when I write a post, my feed (in a reader, like the Wizz Reader in Firefox) shows the title and the first few words of the post. That’s the part that I’d like to be able to change sometimes, and choose another section of the post to display instead of the first few lines.

    Because I’ve only just started, I’m not sure what passes that information to the readers and feeds. My blog address is and I’m using Feedburner for the feed.


    Let’s get back to the basics.
    What is shown in your feeds is defined in your own admin panel, which you should have studied extensively.
    admin > Options > Reading – Syndication feeds: full text or summary (that’s the excerpt, regardless what you think).

    Next. WP creates automatically your excerpts as you’ve already noticed… unless, under the Write Post area you put something in the Optional excerpt field.
    If there is anything in that field – WP uses that text for excerpts. If there isn’t > takes the first X words…

    Even if the document is a bit old – you can read the basics:

    Thanks for clarifying that for me. I have looked at the options, but haven’t made any changes until I’m more sure of what I’m doing. I was also getting confused with the Writing Posts page, and the Quicktag “more”.

    Thanks again.

    So how DO you display a special/separate excerpt along with the full post???

    BTW, I strongly recommend NOT putting “Sorry I didn’t post yesterday” as your excerpt (it’s even not suggested to start off your post) because that’s all the feed readers will see.

    A way to do what you want is with custom fields. If you’re interested, I’ll hunt down a plugin, or you can find one yourself. It displays custom fields data. (Is it a plugin or just code, though, hmmm? I used it on a client’s site. Just do a search here on

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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