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  • It is taking many MINUTES to do a post update or new post when the disk: enhanced page cache is full (also using database cache disk and MaxCDN).

    The page caching gives the site much faster load time. I’d prefer to keep it. But administering is unwieldy with the delays and sometimes the editor goes back to the list of posts after sitting for a LONG time. If I use the Performance control panel to clear the cache it still takes a LONG time but then updates can be faster.

    I have the page purge policy set to only home/post/feed.

    Any ideas where to look/tweak to deal with this issue? I am on a VPS. Approx 800 posts on the site.



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  • I’ve had to turn off page caching with serious impact on the deliveyr pf pages. However, post updating and posting new articles, when the page cache is fully populated (around 750 directories in the page enhanced directory) means that the system spins at high load for over 7 minutes and then returns to the All Posts index.

    I have google searched for more in-depth discussion of W3 Total Cache disk caching and how to make it work better, the gotchas, etc. I am now stuck without some expert feedback on what options or server configuration issues might be leading to this kind of performance. The cache itself works great, serving pages <1 sec. Without it, I’m up over 2-3 seconds on the same pages using (even with database caching).

    If anyone has been this way before, or Frederick has ideas, they would be appreciated.


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