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  • Hi Takayuki Miyoshi,

    I have a question of interest.

    I am using CF7 a lot. Since a short while we have this configuration validator and all of my forms are giving errors on the From Field. I have seen how to solve this (@ Why does the email address in the From field have to belong to the site domain? and forth). When I do this, the errors are being solved. No problem.

    However, to me it doesn’t sound logic that you receive an e-mail with the ‘wrong’ e-mail address in the header. Suppose you have following situation:
    * you are Company A with e-mail address:
    * client’s name is Client Z and has e-mail address:

    When Client Z fills in a form, the header in the mail that Company A receives is: Client Z <>.

    That doesn’t look right to me.

    I read all information about the reasons why this has to be done this way, but has nobody ever thought about this ‘problem’?

    Just interested to know.

    Thanks for your time & regards,

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  • Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    Yes, I’ve read all that and I understand the reasons and implications.

    Don’t you agree that it doesn’t look right?


    When Client Z fills in a form, the header in the mail that Company A receives is: Client Z <>.

    Why not create a address to use for this purpose? The noreply element is commonly seen in automated responses.



    The problem with the noreply@ email is that’s all fine for the sender (Client Z in the example), but Client A in the example, the business being reached out to, is where the issue is in the contact forms. Why would Client A want their email to come with a from field displaying their own information? They want to see the email address of Client Z. One issue with this format being proposed is that Client A in my case, wants to be able to hit Reply in their email tool and get on with responding to that person. Having to copy and past the address and start a new thread, or piece together the initial webmail into an email response is not something that they wish to do. @monique23 is onto the same thing. Unless we’re missing something completely, but I’ve not come across a solution.



    I should add that I have added in the Reply-To field, but had issues with it in my clients email tools.




    I would not use a email address because personally I believe that even looks worse. Company A sees in the autoresponse mail (the 1st mail in CF7) the name of Client Z and behind this <>. It looks as if they cannot reply to the email to answer Client Z.


    Using the “Reply-To: [email Client Z]” in additional headers at least gives Company A the possibility to reply to Client Z’s email. It just doesn’t feel right that Company A sees their own email address next to Client Z’s name…

    I don’t know why you encounter problems using this. Maybe Takayuki can answer that.

    What I regularly encounter though are emails being blocked by the servers of Company A because of the headers being in conflict with the servers of Client Z. In that case both emails are not being send 🙁

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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