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  • Heya,,

    I have to make for school a website using WP..
    I found a really nice theme and more stuff so I wanted to upload it, but I found out that I had to have a host server for that.. ( right? )

    Well, there is a ftp address on my school for students, so I thought, they can host it for me cuz it’s for now only for a project of my school..
    So what I did is, download WP 3.3.1 and copied all these files into my own map of ftp and then configure it..

    But I don’t have the database username etc..
    Aren’t these the same as the host, username and password of the ftp??

    Greetz 🙂

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  • You need a webserver, and it’s doubtful your school is using a web server for FTP purposes. You can build a local copy of a WordPRess site using a WAMP or LAMP on your local computer is it’s just for a school project. How does your school expect you to build a website using WordPress if they dont provide a server to build it on?

    Because some students wanted to use joomla, we got all a map on a ftp server to use that, but I and most of us use WordPress, but the .com version..
    I have the site running, but I just get the error that the usernames etc are incorrect..

    This forum does not support it’s for self hosted users. I’m still having trouble following what you are trying to do. Did you install wordpress through the FTP credentials your school gave you? Is the error on your .com site?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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