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  • on my german theme dKret i make heavily use of different sidebar widgets (7 so far).
    They work very well BUT it is a hell to configure them.
    In smaller Rersolutions it is not possible at all because in the admin area (Sidebar Arrangement), all sidebars are lined up horizontally. If you grab a Widget on the bottom and want to place it in the rightest sidebar, you have to scroll. But than you loose this widget.

    it would be nice, if i could make the sidebars in the admin-area appear smaller in size (maybe same width as the Widgets at the bottom).

    Hope i could make myself understood.

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  • First, if you try the “Ctrl + -” function on your keyboard, that might work to make it all smaller and fit.

    Aside from that, the size of the “dropzones” and text are defined in the widgets.php file in wp-content/plugins/widgets.

    If you half (probably too drastic), or decrease incrementally – say by 33%, all of the widths, heights, font sizes, line spacing, etc… you can get everything into the browser window.

    There is a CSS section of the file widgets.php.

    So, playing with the top section and the CSS section, you can change the widths, heights, font sizes and other options in there to accomplish a much smaller display.

    I have done it on one site (with 10 widget dropzones) and, although not a perfect fix, it does make the admin area workable.

    ** Oh, and backup your copy of the widgets.php file before doing that. :o)

    I don’t have a problem but others who use my theme may have a problem with all those sidebars not shown.
    I don’t want to tell all of them to load a fixes widgets plugin. Is there a way to pass style overwrite the style-information in widgets.php?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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