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    Hi, Good to find a shopping system that handles manual payments but still evaluating the system. I run a sports club so get all forms of payment but want all ‘sales’ in one place. But… a couple of issues if you can assist please.

    The top 4 Global Configuration settings (email and notification box)are not persistent on screen (sometimes they are sometimes not)so hard to tell what is set. Applied to some Appearance settings and other Global settings initially but seem to have settled down a bit now. I have cleared cache.

    SKU not showing on receipt or invoice. These are alphanumeric

    How can I download order/sales data? Really need this for accounting and management reporting.

    Need to give instructions to buyers eg to put child’s name in Order Comment box (so many kids have different surname to parents!)Comments on Shop page do not appear on Product listings.

    Shipping unchecked in config but details still asked for. Appreciate Paypal needs this but could set checkbox to default to same as billing?

    Once manual payment received how can I send confirmation of payment? Sending Invoice still says Order and is identical to Order Confirmation.

    Can change ‘Cart’ to ‘Basket’ in widget but widget still says ‘Cart is Empty’. Product buttons also say ‘Add to Cart’.

    All virtual products so not using stockrooms, brands, tags (dont know what they are for, not in documentation) and no attributes yet.

    Sorry for many questions in one post.


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    We will need to check in more details your post, some of the things can be done, for example, you can add additional fields to the checkout form for the surname or any other information.

    We will add option to set the shipping same as billing by default in the next update and also the sku in the receipt.

    When you add manual order, set the status to completed, should send mail to the client, that his order is confirmed.

    The global configuration problem is indeed a bug and will be corrected for the next version. I suspect that the comments problem is also a bug and will investigate it further if confirmed it will also be fixed in the next release.

    For the moment, there is no built in way, to export orders. However quick test of seems to be able to export the orders with the order meta to csv file, you can export all the data and after that see the fields names and exclude the unneeded ones.

    Best Regards

    Plugin Author orillacart


    Here is an example code, that needs to be added in your template.php file to add surname field after the billing state in the checkout form.


    function add_fields($view){

    $field = field::_(‘text’, ‘billing_surname’)->add_class(‘input-text billibg_field’);
    $field->set_required()->add_param(‘placeholder’, __(‘Surname’, ‘com_shop’));
    $field->set_label(__(‘Surname’, ‘com_shop’))->set_error_msg(__(“Please enter Surname”, “com_shop”));



    Best Regards

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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