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    I created a staging site of my blog to test out the Neve theme but I’m unable to choose a starter site because there’s a configuration error.

    This is the error log I received. I’m not sure what I need to do to fix the issue so that I can test the theme out.

    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): WordPress Instance Info:
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): Home URL :
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): Site URL :
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): WordPress Version : 5.2.2
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): Onboarding Version : 1.4.2
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): Multisite : No
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): Server Info : Apache
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): PHP Version : 7.3.6
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): HTTPS : Yes
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): PHP Max Execution Time : 120
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): PHP Max Input Vars : 1000
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): Max Upload Size : 134217728
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): Plugins:
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Cloudflare Flexible SSL : v1.3.0 (One Dollar Plugin)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] AddToAny Share Buttons : v1.7.36 (AddToAny)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Akismet Anti-Spam : v4.1.2 (Automattic)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Autoptimize : v2.5.1 (Frank Goossens (futtta))
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Classic Editor : v1.5 (WordPress Contributors)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Content Views : v2.2.0 (Content Views)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Data Tables Generator by Supsystic : v1.9.77 (
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Elementor : v2.5.16 (
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights : v7.7.1 (MonsterInsights)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Image Widget : v4.4.7 (Modern Tribe, Inc.)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] jQuery Pin It Button for Images : v3.0.4 (Marcin Skrzypiec)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] HubSpot All-In-One Marketing – Forms, Popups, Live Chat : v7.5.2 (HubSpot)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Mailchimp for WordPress : v4.5.2 (ibericode)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Media Library Folders for WordPress : v5.0.2 (Max Foundry)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Media Library Folders for WordPress Reset : v5.0.2 (Max Foundry)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library by Otter : v1.2.3 (ThemeIsle)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Quiz And Survey Master : v6.3.1 (QSM Team)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails : v6.5.1 (Martin Stehle)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Remove Featured Image : v1.1 (Sumit Chattha)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Lazy Load by WP Rocket : v2.2.2 (WP Rocket)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Page Builder by SiteOrigin : v2.10.6 (SiteOrigin)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Smart Slider 3 : v3.3.20 (Nextend)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] SSL Insecure Content Fixer : v2.7.2 (WebAware)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] TinyMCE Advanced : v5.2.1 (Andrew Ozz)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Title Remover : v1.2.1 (WPGurus)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore : v1.16.15 (UpdraftPlus.Com, DavidAnderson)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] W3 Total Cache : v0.9.7.5 (Frederick Townes)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Widget Context : v1.1.1 (Preseto)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Hustle : v6.0.9 (WPMU DEV)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Yoast SEO : v11.4 (Team Yoast)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] WP 404 Auto Redirect to Similar Post : v1.0.2 (hwk-fr)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] WP Maintenance Mode : v2.2.4 (Designmodo)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] WP-Optimize : v2.3.4 (David Anderson, Ruhani Rabin, Team Updraft)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] Smush : v3.2.1 (WPMU DEV)
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] wpDiscuz : v5.3.2 (gVectors Team (A. Chakhoyan, G. Zakaryan, H. Martirosyan))
    [22/Jun/2019:17:28:33] (ℹ️): [PLUGIN] WPS Hide Login : v1.5.2.2 (WPServeur, NicolasKulka, tabrisrp)

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