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  1. Jinsan
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I've seen quite a few plugins that seem to do the job reasonably well, and I don't know if this is a specific issue with me or if there are more people after a plugin that has more options with regards to ratings.

    Basically the following is the sort of thing I am looking of in a ratings plugin:

    * Ability to place rating anywhere on a post (under the heading or next to it for example)

    * ability to change the format of the ratings - for example, the choice between %, x/10, x/10 etc

    * ability to change the image of the rating based upon category - for example, for music I would want to use headphones, for film I would like to use a reel, for games a space invaders alien thingy. User makes a post in the game category, ticks the game box, adds the rating out of x and it's automatically displayed as the appropriate category image.

    *ability to have a total score which is then aggregated by readers - so a user visits, sees something has an author rating of 5 udders out of 10, and decides they want to give it 6 udders out of 10 - the author rating would then (in brackets) have an average reader rating of 6 out of 10 udders perhaps displayed with the number 6 and then the image of the udder).

    That's all I'm after. I dont' mean to be flippant when I say "all I'm after", I appreciate the complexities and the lack of understanding I have on how a plugin is made, but what if someone was able to take an existing plugin and then work from that?

    I have looked at structured blogging, and it's lack of multipages is a turn off - other than that I think it is a very fine plugin. Except they way it handles the category slug which should perhaps take the title from the title of the item rather than the title of the post - but perhaps this is forced by WP?

    I'm not a coder or programmer so I wouldn't know what to do or how to do it, I'm hoping some kind soul can come up with sometehing that matches this description.

    Thanks for reading:)

  2. redshoes
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I need something like this too. I use wordpress as a recipe collection and would like to allow readers to rate the recipes. Some sort of simple stars ratings would be fine, I suppose, as long as it rates the posts, not the comments. I have looked at Rate-It and wish I could find an example of a site using it so I could determine if it is right for me. Any recomendations?

  3. James Huff
    Support Representative
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Well, configurability in a ratings plugin is hard to come by these days. But, the best ratings plugin I've seen lately is Votio: http://www.asymptomatic.net/archives/2005/03/24/1419/votio-again/

  4. redshoes
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Hmm, Votio looks good, but I spent hours trying to install it and coudn't seem to get it vote-able. Not sure why. Finally gave up. *sigh* Maybe I was just too tired. :) Thanks for the tip though. I'll give it another shot another time.

  5. ghecko
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I installed this and even though it all seems to work OK no voting box appears anywhere even though I have the <?php votio_ballot_box(); ?> in my template.

    Oh well lets wait for one that works to come along.

  6. RedSkunk
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I'm also trying to get this working, to no avail. help plz?

  7. VVV
    Posted 10 years ago #

    i too am in the same boat. there seems to be nothing out there that does what we need.

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